How to watch Russian TV on Android devices

Peter Ivanov has a daughter and a son. They both go to the primary school and develop at an extremely rapid speed: just like an average child aged 4-7, these kids know the way with smart devices, can easily create email address, Facebook page or even resume on LinkedIn. But children remain children and perceive outward things with a great deal of curiosity, kindness, and naivety.

Mr. Ivanov took a serious approach to upbringing and despite 5 last years spent in New York, he chose national cinema over American one. Why national? Because Soviet and Russian cartoons, just like Peter’s childhood, retain the atmosphere of friendliness and warm welcome.

Russian TV Company offers a vast movie library including 2D and 3D animated films. In addition, ‘Family’ TV subscription provides a dozen of children’s entertainment channels, most popular - in HD quality.

One of the major advantages of Internet-TV is compatibility with Android devices. Kids can turn on Russian cartoons and series on their Galaxy Note tablet while simple interface makes it easy to adjust viewing settings. They carry the device everywhere and know how to kill time with favorite characters on a compact screen.

If you are an active subscriber of Russian TV Company and want to enjoy Russian channels on your tablet or smartphone, use this easy-to-follow manual to install TV service on Android devices.

If you are only considering switching over to the latest generation of TV, we hope that Mr. Ivanov’s story will serve as a strong pro to avail of Russian TV service.