It's time to announce the best Russian films of the passing year 2019. Let us recommend you with pleasure the hot 9 according to the estimates of the audience from the Russian TV Company.

1. Van Gogh

Van Gogh film is a Russian drama about the complex relationship between a father and a son, trying to see each other as little as possible, but they found each other together again by the will of circumstances.

2. The wizard

The film The Wizard, 2019, tells about an aging rock musician, who has forgotten his fame long time ago but is starting to teach guitar lessons to an ambitious and talented boy. The director and screenwriter of this tragicomedy is the well-known composer Mikhail Morskov (Good Boy, Friday, New Year's Planner, Thanks to my grandfather for the victory), for whom this work as a director and screenwriter, after a couple of short films, will become a debut in big full-length movie.

3. Dear Dad

The film Dear Dad is a Russian family comedy with an age rating of 12+, so it is suitable for watching with children and adolescents in the family circle and for a friendly trip to the cinema with relatives. The film tells us about a businessman whose mother has bequeathed the entire multi-billion dollar company to her granddaughter, while the main character left his wife and daughter many years ago. Now he has to come to them and use all his charm to persuade them to abandon an unprecedented inheritance.

4. Varavva

The story of the gospel character of Varavva condemned to be crucified for murder. At on the crowd's demand, he receives mercy instead of Jesus of Nazareth, but his path to real salvation is still ahead. The drama was directed by director-debutant Yevgeny Emelin and is based on the biblical storyline and the novel by Maria Corelli “Varavva” . One of the most famous criminals in the history of mankind was played by Pavel Krainov (“Crimea”).

5. Last test

The action will unfold within the walls of the theater, where the main characters came to the popular musical: a teacher and her school class. Suddenly, instead of a vivid performance, a real drama is playing out before their eyes. A group of terrorists takes hostage all spectators and a theater troupe. Now, when the danger of death reigns at every step, the central character of the film has to go through many tests to fight for his life, preserve humanity and protect his loved ones, showing heroism and going on a real feat.

6. Balkan line

The film Balkan line tells about the events of the Kosovo war in Yugoslavia in the late '90s. The plot of this Russian action movie will unfold in 1999 in Kosovo during the hostilities. A special squad of paratroopers is given the task to take over the Slatina airfield, holding the point until reinforcements will arrive in the face of the forces of Russian peacekeepers. But this object is also extremely important for the Albanian field commander and NATO generals, who have already called upon the NATO military forces to help. The paratroopers have to take an unequal battle with the terrorists to free the hostages at the airport, especially because among of them is the girl of the captain of the special group.

7. Thank grandfather for the victory

The film Thank grandfather for the victory - is a family Russian comedy about the difficulties of village life for the young protagonist and the stories of his grandfather, who is proud of his military past. The picture received an age rating of 6+, so it is perfect for viewing with children.

8. Brownie

The Brownie film is a family comedy tale from Eugene and Dmitry Bedarev (New Year’s tariff), in which it will be described one mysterious and strange apartment, where not one of the residents lingers for a long time because absolutely inexplicable "devilry" are beging to happen right there. This comedy has an age limit of 6+, so you can safely watch the fun adventures of the main characters with young children in the hope of good and entertaining sight and positive emotions from watching.

9. The game

The main character of the picture is Yuri Platonov, a young businessman, who was thinking about the reasons why everything in his life comes to him so easily. He owns a large publishing house, he has a personal plane, a wonderful charming wife, a high social position - well, literally everything that you can dream of. Does all this look like some kind of directorial plan and his whole life is not absolutely artificial? What if everything around is not so real as it seems to him at first glance? And then, he begins to discover all the secrets of his successful career and life in general.

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