He Is Risen!

This way we greet each other on Easter day. May this Easter bring you many days filled with warmth and love, a wonderful spring mood, and whatever you want for yourself and your family. May Easter fill your soul and heart with joy and peace. And Russian TV Company will do whatever is possible to provide you with the best films and shows to watch in your native language. 

He Is Risen!

Easter Symbols and Their Origins

While you are preparing everything for the holiday, you might want to learn some interesting details about Easter and its symbolism. You might be surprised to know that some details come from the times when Christianity was not around yet.

One of the most common traditions is to prepare colored eggs. Now, we can find eggs of all colors and even with all types of designs. However, it was not common earlier. Red eggs are the true Easter symbol.

An egg is the symbol of new life. From this point of view, it is clear why it is chosen as a symbol of a holiday that symbolizes life. Now, the color. There is a legend that when Maria Magdalena brought boiled eggs to the mountain where Christ was crucified, a drop of his blood fell and turned the eggs red. Since then, red is associated with the red blood of Jesus Christ. 

The bunny is not common in Russia but you might be used to it while living abroad. Anyway, this Easter symbol also deserves attention. 

This symbol comes from the pagan times when people honored the goddess of fertility names Eostre. Now, the connection between a bunny and the holiday is clearer. It is even clearer where the holiday name comes from.

Then, an Easter basket. Now, it looks like a nice basket where you arrange Easter eggs and other treats. Earlier though, it was a nest stuffed with grass and it was used for Easter eggs. 

Finally, cross rolls are made almost everywhere where Easter is celebrated. It is believed that the tradition goes back to the 12th century when a monk used to mark his rolls made for Good Friday with a cross. However, nobody knows whether this is the truth or just a nice story. 

We believe that you have prepared everything for Easter. Once more, we wish you the best Easter ever, and from our side, we guarantee you the best movies and shows in the Russian language. 

Happy Easter!

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