When you are looking for a nice movie to spend a relaxing weekend evening, several hours in the company of friends, or with kids, you might be interested in a specific movie genre. Russian TV Company has chosen the best movie genres and provided their short descriptions to facilitate the choice. The rating has been made based on the reviews provided by the Russian TV Company viewers.

Also, we have provided top popular movies for each genre.


High stakes and a lot of conflicts are the main features of a drama. All the events in a drama movie evolve around a specific plot. That`s why it is important to watch such a movie from the beginning. If you start watching it from somewhere in the middle, it is better if somebody can explain the plot. 

Characters in a drama movie are multi-faceted. There are no just good or bad characters, they look like real people. A story always involves the development of every character. 

A drama doesn`t concentrate on special effects. The events usually unfold in a very realistic setting. The main aim of the drama is to show real life in all its dimensions. 

The most popular drama movies of the last year are Nomadland, Lady Bird, Never Rarely Sometimes, Emma.


Action is all about speed, chasing, fighting, escapes, resques, destruction, and similar. slow-motion scenes are typical for action movies. Usually, the characters are clearly divided into good and bad, and normally, good characters win.

You don`t need to know the plot, just follow the action. Within a couple of minutes, you will understand who is good and who is bad in the battle. 

Here usually belong spy-movies, martial arts films, disaster movies, and similar. Everything is made there to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats until the movie is over. 

The best action movies of the last month are Tenet, Venom, Underground.


In a fantasy movie, the events unfold in a fantasy world or in our reality but with some imaginary elements, 

Every detail is designed to highlight that the movie world or some elements of it can never exist, that it is invented. It can be a different planet, a different universe, a parallel reality, or even an imaginary world. It is inhabited by imaginary characters. People might live there, too, but might not exist at all. 

The most popular fantasy movies are Avatar, Raya and the Last Dragon, Aquaman, Sonic the Hedgehog.


In a thriller, mystery, fear, anticipation, and tension are smartly blended together to create an exciting story. Good thriller movies are perfectly paced. They don`t overdo with keeping viewers under tension, and reveal the plot twists at the needed moments. 

A “ticking clock” aspect is one of the features specific to thrillers. It means that characters have limited time to find out something, to solve a problem, or whatever. On it, somebody`s life might depend. 

There are different types of thrillers: political thrillers, horror thrillers, and similar.

The most popular thrillers of the last month are the Black Swan, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Inheritance.


A comedy is fun, it is a movie filled with jokes, even though sometimes, they might be pretty silly. Usually, a character is put in a silly, amusing situation he or she is absolutely not prepared for. And everything revolves around the situation. 

Good comedies show real-life situations that can happen to anybody. It makes such comedies close to viewers, and such comedies become popular, indeed.

There are teenage comedies, comedies for kids, black comedies, and similar. 

The most popular comedies of the last month are Coming 2 America, The Secret Life of Pets, Best in Show.