When you come home after a long working day and are looking for a nice movie to spend some time relaxing, or when you finally have a weekend and want to have rest and watch a nice film, choosing the best option from thousands of movies might be time-demanding and simply irritating. We at Russian TV Company know it. That`s why we have chosen top 5 movies based on the opinions of our viewers to simplify the choice for you. We have tried to include all the most popular genres in our rating so that you can find the best piece doesn`t matter what genre you prefer. 

Here we go, with the rating of the best 5 Russian movies of the last month. 

Unhinged (Action Thriller)


Photo: IVI

Everything starts with the history of Tim Cooper. He breaks into the house of his ex-wife and violently kills her and her boyfriend. After having set the house to fire, he escapes in his truck. 

After that, a different story begins. Rachel Flynn is a single mother. She is on the way to deliver her 15-years old son to his school. A truck fails to go through when the green light is on, and she honks at the truck. It was the truck of Tom. He catches up with Rachel and apologizes. But he asks for an apology from her, too. She confronts him, telling that she has nothing to apologize for, and Tom starts stalking her. He is trying to destroy her life and the lives of people close to her.

It is an amazing thriller and action in one movie. The acting is brilliant. It is just incredible to see how Tom is raging, and then, he is turning into a cat playing with his prey by letting it go and catching it again. The most unexpected turns are guaranteed, viewers claim the movie just makes them watch it until the very last second.

Outside The Wire (Sci-Fi, Action)

Outside The Wire

Photo: All Hip Hop

The events are unfolding in the not so far 2036. The Eastern Europe is in a devastating civil war. There, no politics, no rules exist. There are no bad or good ones, everything has mixed completely. Ukraine is devastated, people are starving, and in such conditions, the US army comes as a “peacekeeping” force. But in reality, they just fight, rob, and cause even a more significant devastation. The army is supplied with drones and uses them whenever it is possible.

In these conditions, a human and an android collaborate to survive, and to show the differences between a human and a machine. 

The film is trying to show some kind of global problems and to raise ethical questions. For example, this collaboration between a human and an android should have told us much more… But the movie cannot handle such a mission, and thus, it turns out to be a usual action. 

Your expectations from Outside The Wire might be high, indeed. However, there are no deep issues, it is an action movie. Thus, it is recommended if action is your preferable genre.

Raya and the Last Dragon (Animated Fantasy)

Raya and the Last Dragon

Photo: The Verge

Thousands or maybe millions of years ago, people lived along with their friends dragons in a mysterious land Kumandra. Their lives were full of harmony and happiness until Druun, the evil monsters, threatened the country and its inhabitants. Dragons fought side by side with people and sacrificed their lives to save humanity.

Now, 500 years after the tragic event, the same monsters have returned and are endangering the land again. Raya is going on a dangerous trip to find the last dragon and ask to repeat the deed again.

Will they manage to save humanity once more? Watch the movie to find out. 

This Disney animated fantasy shows once more what the studio is capable of: the piece is filled with sense, emotions, deep meanings, and is just amazingly nice. Raya and the Last Dragon is perfect to watch with kids, friends, or even alone.

Wonder Woman (Adventure, Action, Fantasy)

Wonder Woman

Photo: Prime Video

Once more, the story is about an all-women Amazonian race and their beautiful princess. Her name is Diana and she rules her tribe as many did before, until she meets a US pilot Steve. From him, she learns about a different world, the world where men exist. Also, she learns about war and moves to the world of the men to defeat Ares, the god of the war.

It is a fun movie with amazing sceneries, special effects, and actors that did their best to make their characters realistic and vivid. There is nothing unexpected though. If such movies are your choice, just go for it. It is a perfect piece for a non-intrusive evening at home with friends or family.

The New Mutants (Horror, Fantasy)

The New Mutants

Photo: Den of Geek

Danielle wakes up after a devastating tornado in some kind of a hospital. She is chained to bed, and the only staff there seems to be somebody Dr. Cecilia Reyes. She explains to the girl that she isn`t just an ordinary girl but a mutant. Dr. Reyes recommends the girls to stay in the hospital until she studies the mutation phenomenon and teaches the girl how to control it.

Together with Dani, four more teenagers stay there. They are from different parts of the world, and each of them has some supernatural powers that were revealed after a traumatic event in their past.

Soon though, the kids start questioning themselves whether it is right for them to stay in the hospital and what the intentions of Dr. Reyes are.

A horror movie, very realistic though a little bit dumb, is nice to watch with friends or bigger family members. It is definitely not a piece to watch with kids.