Do you know what day is the third Sunday of June? Yes, it is Father`s Day! On this wonderful day, we at Russian TV Company, use any opportunity to congratulate all fathers in the world and wish them patience, happiness, and understanding. 

We have prepared the best movies for a nice celebration at home. And are you ready for the celebration? 

Well, if you are confused about how to celebrate this day, here are some ideas.


How Do We Celebrate the Father`s Day

No, it is not a guide. We just know that this holiday isn`t celebrated in many countries. But it is a nice celebration, and we guess that all the fathers around the world deserve some holiday, too. So, let us do it - arrange something special for those who take care of us.

Give Presents

Presents are usually an inseparable part of every celebration. You can make a nice card, it is always touching. Shops are open, too, and you can buy something that your father has wished for for ages. It might be something cute and stupid, indeed. But it shall bring joy. Your father will appreciate it.

Make a Surprise Party

You can make it a nice tradition in your family. Arrange a surprise party. Ask your dad to go to buy something urgently, prepare a cake in advance, some snacks, and wait with a surprise for him to return home. It takes more time and effort, as well as some collaboration from other family members. But it is nice, indeed. And who knows, maybe one day, your kids will ask you to go out for a while and will be waiting for you with a surprise. 

Go Out

Here, we have some options. While Father`s Day isn`t a public holiday, it is always celebrated on Sunday. What about going out? Everybody is free on this day. 

Don`t forget though that other people might also want to go out. So, restaurants can be overbooked, and cinema tickets sold out. If you have taken care in advance about one of the options, it is perfect. But if not, check-in in advance before inviting your dad somewhere if the option is available. 

Going Out Is not Only about Restaurants

Even if you have found out that all the restaurants are booked, it is not the end of the world. Arrange a BBQ party with family and friends. What about inviting your dad`s friends with whom he has been hanging out for ages? Yeah, prepare beers, a lot of meat, and arrange an unforgettable day for your closest person.

Watch a Movie

This option is mandatory. No, you don`t need to watch movies all day. But after the party, after a BBQ party or whatever you have arranged for your dad, a movie in a close family circle will be a perfect end of the day. We have more than 7,000 movies in our library, we bet you will find one that your dad loves most.