When Is Season 2 of The Witcher Coming Out on Netflix?

The Witcher Season 2 will be streamed soon. If you have already made yourself acquainted with The Witcher Netflix review but still haven`t watched The Witcher, you are, most likely, intrigued. The reason is evident: the Netflix series season 1 was perceived in absolutely different ways. Some critics and viewers describe it as one of the best movies ever while others, on the contrary, insist that the movie is definitely one of the worst creations of Netflix for several years. 

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What is correct though and whether it is worth watching the famous series at all? Will The Witcher season 2 become an event in cinema life? Or maybe it is better to avoid watching it by all means and save your time and nerves? 

The Witcher Season 2

Season 2 of The Witcher isn`t ready yet. First, the movie production was delayed because of the pandemic, and then, Henry Cavill who plays the witcher has damaged his leg. However, we know some details about The Witcher Season 2.

Geralt finds princess Ciri and brings her to his former home Kaer Morthen. He is confident that this is a safe place for Ciri, and there, he is going to teach her to control her mysterious power.

Also, we are going to learn about some events that are going to follow in Season 3. 

When Is Season 2 of The Witcher Coming Out on Netflix?

It is told that The Witcher Season 2 will be released on the 21st of August 2021. However, due to many delays, this date might be shifted. Netflix doesn`t inform about an exact date for now. 

Who Is Playing The Witcher on Netflix?

Now, it is time to check more details about the series. Some critics and fans believe that it will be a masterpiece again. Others are in doubt, and we already know the reasons why so. We shall admit though that sometimes, the movie is difficult to understand for those who haven`t read the books. This is a drawback because then, the impression from watching it suffers. 

In Season 2, Geralt will be played again by Henry Cavill. Thus, in this regard, the movie quality isn`t going to suffer. 

Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Freya Allan (Ciri) also will be present, like it was in Season 1. These actresses have received a lot of criticism. But we believe that they have managed their roles decently. 


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The Witcher, Season 1 Review

However, let us check now how everything has started. In the movie, we have three main storylines. The first and the main one is the storyline of the witcher. He is a mutant, a hunter after monsters. The second storyline is the one of Ciri who is a powerful princess. And finally, Yennefer is one more important character in the movie. 

The witcher is a mutant as we have mentioned. His destiny is to fight against monsters and protect people. His main aim is to find and save princess Ciri with whom he seems to be connected in some way. Even though you might get the impression that Geralt is a positive character, this is not correct. He is too complex to be one-sided. From one side, he fights for people and tries to protect them. On the other side, he doesn`t understand people and believes they are too violent.

The least developed storyline is the one of princess Ciri. However, she is still a little girl. We believe that she will show herself in Season 2. For now, though, the only known facts about her are that she has a special mission and she has a superpower that she doesn`t know how to control. 

One more rather crucial storyline is the one of Yennefer. In Season 1, we see her evolution from an ugly girl with a deformed face into a stunning sorceress. 

Of course, there are some more storylines. But they are difficult to follow, and most of them are not clear at all. This is one of the main reasons why the series was criticized by some fans of the books by Andrzej Sapkowski. 

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The chronology also suffers. The screenwriters were trying to follow the events like they are described in the books, and it was a mistake. If you haven`t read the books, here are some details that will help you to understand the order in which the events unfold: everything starts in the present. Then, the story is returned to some past events. 

The History of the Series

The Witcher is inspired by the series of eight fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Of course, many things in the movie are simplified, and it is clear why. The movie shall be clear to everybody. It shall not be too slow and boring, either. In this regard, we would say that Netflix has managed to leave those events and characters that were crucial. 

Some critics say though that the main drawback of the movie is the representation of characters. While in the books, there are not just good or just bad characters, even the best of them have their faults, and the worst - their truth. In the movie though, most of the characters are one-sided. This multifacetedness is lost, while if kept, it could have made the movie unique.  

The Witcher of Polish Production vs The Witcher by Netflix: What Is the Difference Between Them?

The Witcher by Netflix is not the first attempt to make a movie based on the series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. The first attempt was made by Polish television. The Polish Witcher was released in 2001. It was expected that the movie would become an icon of Polish TV but instead, it was a complete failure. As one of the Polish reporters said, “It was the film we all want to forget about”. 

Even though some people insist that the insufficient budget was guilty, specialists indicate that the budget allocated for the movie was much higher than on average. 

The plot was absolutely chaotic. Everything was mixed up to such an extent that it is just impossible to follow the story. 

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Special effects deserve our attention, too. They were absolutely poor, to such an extent that in some places, viewers were bursting out in laughter instead of being impressed, let alone being frightened. A plastic dragon has become a kind of symbol of bad special effects. The animal was told to resemble a donkey from Shrek and definitely didn`t make the needed effect on viewers. 

The clothes were made of such cheap materials that viewers could see how supposedly “metallic” parts of costumes shrink. 

The movie was severely criticized for excessive nudity as if it could save the film and long useless dialogues. 

Were there at least some positive moments in the Polish Witcher? Yes, of course. The actors: they did their best indeed, you can even see how they try to save at least some moments. The music was also good. But it was impossible to do anything. Thus, if you aren`t interested in this specific version for some reason, just avoid wasting your time watching it. 

Is The Witcher of Netflix Based on the Game?

Many fans of The Witcher have met the characters of the movie not in the movie actually. Plenty of gamers know the plot thanks to the series of games. The games were developed by CD Projekt Red. 

We shall admit, and both the fans of the movie and the games would agree that the games are, probably, the best representation of the books. If you have played the games, you can be confident that you will understand the movie completely. 

The games and the movie were created based on the same book series. Nevertheless, there are major differences between them. The most striking and at the same time, the most logical differences we will check right now.

Dandelion vs Jaskier

Do you remember that funny and extravagant bard that has a special talent of getting into trouble just everywhere? If you have played the games, you know him under the name Dandelion. However, in the movie, he is Jaskier. Jaskier is the same Dandelion but in the Polish language. The change was made to adopt the name to the general tone of a fantasy movie: Dandelion would be too odd there. 

Colour vs White

The characters in both the games and the books are the representatives of the white race. It is not surprising: the author and the game developers are from Poland. There, 80% of the population is white. However, Netflix had to comply with different requirements. That`s why the movie disregards the nationality and race of actors. The best actors were chosen to participate. 

The Witcher

In the games, the witcher speaks with the voice of Doug Cockle. He is associated with the witcher by every gamer.

In The Witcher by Netflix, Henry Cavill plays the main role. No, he isn`t competing with Doug Cockle for popularity. He creates his own witcher. Many viewers noticed that he doesn`t play the role, he lives in it. And it makes Netflix`s witcher just the right character. 

Silver Sword

In the games, you see Geralt carrying two swords. One of them is crafted from silver, and Geralt uses it to fight with monsters. The other is made from steel, and the witcher uses it to fight with people. 

In the movie though, you see Geralt with one sword mostly. And this is one of those few moments when the movie is closer to the books than the games. Based on the books, the silver sword is more fragile and can attract unnecessary attention. Therefore, Geralt prefers to leave it with his horse. 

The clothes and equipment in the movie and the games differ significantly. It is not surprising though: in most cases, equipment created for games would be impossible to use. Thus, in the movie, everything is simplified. Though in general, everything is made at a very decent level.

The Characters

If you are a gamer, you know that in the games, the majority of characters are present. In the movie though, some of them are mentioned just fluently, and some are not mentioned at all. It was made intentionally. Otherwise, the movie would be even more complicated to follow and understand.

Triss or Yennefer?

Triss and Yennefer play different roles in the games and the movie. In the games, Triss is the main attraction of Geralt. Later, when he meets Yennefer, the gamer decides with whom the witcher is going to stay. 

In the movie though, Triss isn`t the main interest of the witcher. Even though she helps him from time to time, his real love is Yennefer. 

Love or Magic?

There is also a major difference in the relationships between Geralt and Yennefer develop. In the games, a genie makes them fall in love with each other. In the movie, they were interested in each other long before the genie appeared. 

Is It Worth Watching?

This is an amazing movie to watch if you love the genre. This is a dark fantasy with monsters, elves, evil peoples, and tribes. Be prepared for violence, and it is better to avoid watching some scenes while eating. Some sex and nudity are present, too. 

This is not a movie for kids, but for an evening with friends, it might be a perfect option.