Android Mecool boxes - if you are using an Android TV set and want to get top-quality service with amazing functionality, you might be wondering whether the new Android TV box is worth your attention. So, we have reviewed it for you to facilitate your choice. Let us have a look ai=t the main benefits of the TV box and check the basic setup procedures. 

For the start, have a look at the specific features that it offers its users. We bet you will be impressed. 

Android Mecool TV box offers the following: 

  • The newest CPU S905X94

  • It plays AV1 videos

  • WiFi6 supported

  • Bluetooth module that allows you to connect different devices (mouse, joysticks, etc.)

  • Inbuilt Chromecast

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Large storage up to 128 GB

  • Supports 4K streaming on Netflix / Disney + Prime Video / Youtube

  • Supports video calls with Google Duo

  • Is compatible with Google Assistant

The list looks impressive, to say the least. There is one more important detail to add: the Android Mecool box is Google certified. It means that Google guarantees that all its services run seamlessly if you use the box. Moreover, whatever upgrades are released, your software will be upgraded automatically as soon as you connect to the internet. It looks impressive, doesn`t it? 

While the functionality is impressive, many users believe that with it, the box must be pretty difficult to use. So, let us have a look at the basic settings to see whether an average user can handle them effortlessly. 

Setting Up Process

When you turn on the Android Mecool TV box, you will be offered to connect your remote via the Bluetooth module. You will see the following message, proceed as indicated. 

We recommend paying special attention to this step. If you skip it, the setup procedure is going to be much more complicated. 

Now, it is time to set up the box. If you use an Android smartphone or have a Google account, the setup procedure is going to be pretty easy. You login to your Google account, just as you do it normally, and everything will be synchronized with the Google account. It is very convenient. 

If you prefer a WiFi connection, set it up:

  • Move to the settings

  • Choose the WiFi option

  • Select your WiFi network

  • Provide the login

  • Click on Connect 

Now, the connection is established. You can move on with standard setups, do everything just like in any Android device. 

Finally, move to the installation of applications. We were surprised to find out that the box installs everything on its own. But if you believe that something else is needed, do the following: 

Open the Play Market. Click on the needed app to start its installation and follow the instructions to complete it.  

After that, you will be switched to the Android TV screen. It looks like a desktop from where you can access the main functionalities.

For example, with the channels displayed there, you can perform many functions by a single click. So, you can activate or deactivate the channel, manage the content, check the program guide, and whatever else is possible to do with a TV channel. 

Now, you can move to the Applications Section. The needed applications were installed automatically. We were surprised with it, indeed. There, we could already find a good list of all the possible players and playlist management apps. 

Now, the Settings. In the case with the basic settings, perform everything just like you would do with our Android smartphone. So, you shall have no issues with it.

You might need some assistance with specific TV settings though. So, let us have a look at those you might need to handle on your own. 

One of the settings you might need to check is the screen frequency. While in some cases, the box sets it up automatically, this is not always the case. If you have a full HD TV, set it up to the maximum value. 


The activation of HDMI CEC will allow you to manage your Android TV set and Android Mecool box with one control. 

Other settings are not mandatory. 

There is one thing to consider. When you are opening Play Market, it is detected that you are connecting from a TV device, so only apps relevant for TV are offered. However, you can use the entire functionality of any app without limitations, even such apps like Skype, Instagram, and similar. There are also other settings but they are not mandatory. 

Bottom Line

The Android MECOOL box is absolutely convenient and impressively functional. With the support of the entire Google functionality, it is an amazing option for a user that values functionality and quality.