Everybody has thought about such things as the sense of life, whether there is something there, on the other side of our life here, and whether one has any special mission here, on the Earth. Finally, you might be also wondering what happens to those people who have lost their common sense and whose mind has walked away. Are these the questions that don`t let you sleep sometimes? If yes, then, Pixar`s Soul is the cartoon for you to watch. Moreover, it is available on RTVC. 


Photo: Film.ru

While your kids are following the exciting adventures of the main characters, you can look for the replies to those eternal questions that have been bothering humankind for ages. Don`t worry, the cartoon is not boring at all, in the very end, it is not a philosophical movie or whatever. It is fun, interesting, full of kindness, love, and care. 

Soul teaches us to value every single moment that life presents us. Even those minutes that seem to be not enjoyable at all can bring some happiness, joy, and new experiences. 

The cartoon also teaches us to be kind and think properly before telling anything bad to another person. Otherwise, you can turn into a monster that will be torturing another person and, possibly, destroys his/her soul. All these details are taught to us without being intrusive. Now, you understand why the cartoon has already received its first award - the Golden Globe Award. We believe that many more awards are to come. 

Now, you might want to learn at least some details about the events described in the cartoon. 

Joe Gardner is already not young but he has a problem shared by the majority of modern people: he has still not achieved his dream. Instead of playing jazz, he teaches music. Moreover, he isn`t even a full-time teacher. 

However, when he is offered a permanent position, he doesn`t feel happy. Even though everybody believes he shall be the happiest person in the world after receiving such news, he doesn`t share those feelings. 

Finally, he gets a chance to change everything. He is about to catch his dream when… he falls into a manhole. He doesn`t die, he is just in a coma, but it allows him to start a journey to the world where alive people aren`t allowed: Great Beyond. However, he is not ready for the journey yet, his dream is about to come true. He is trying to escape and ends up in Great Before - a world where souls are being prepared to be born. 

There, he meets 22, a soul that doesn`t want to be born. He agrees with the soul that he helps her to get a pass to the Earth, and she will give the pass to him. He will return to the Earth, and 22 will be able to stay in Great Before forever. 

It looks like they are about to complete their plan when everything goes wrong. Joe`s soul ends up in the body of a therapy cat, and 22 lands in the body of Joe. While they are looking for an opportunity to send 22 to Great Before and to move the soul of Joe into his body, 22 falls in love with life. 

Will Joe manage to recover his body? What destiny is waiting for 22? Will they manage to keep in touch after everything is finally arranged? Watch the cartoon to find out. 

For now, we would like to draw your attention to the most impressive moments in the cartoon. Well, we would rather call it a movie because the piece is just too deep and complex. It is a story about our life, feelings, our relationships with other people. It teaches us that every uncareful word can turn us into a monster that will grasp the soul of another person and torture it until the end of days. You might even not notice it, but a deeper look will show you who you are. And of course, this wonderful movie teaches that everything can be improved if one wants.