Today, when you have a day off, you, most likely, will want to spend it with your family and watch a nice comedy to relieve all the stress and have a relaxing evening. For you, RTVC has prepared a selection of the best Russian comedies. They will help you to spend a wonderful time in a warm family circle.  

I'm Losing Weight (Ya Khudeyu) (2018)

Я худею (2018)

Photo: Kino Poisk

Director: Alexey Nuzhny

Cast: Alexandra Bortich, Irina Gorbacheva, Evgeny Kulik, Roman Kurtsyn, Sergei Shnurov


Zhenya and Anya are the perfect couple. They are in love with each other and their wedding is planned for the closest future. There is just a small problem: Anya is a pastry chef and she loves to eat. This, of course, affects her weight. But Zhenya does not like plump girls, and he decides that Anya is not the right choice for him.

Everything begins with this seemingly tragedy. Anya is trying to lose weight, but not everything is so simple: after all, for this you need to deal not only with excess weight, but with psychological issues. Anya has to find out what caused the emptiness inside her, which she unsuccessfully tries to fill with cakes. In the process of struggling with herself, she meets the good-natured and always positive-minded Kolya, and this meeting teaches her to accept herself.

“I'm Losing Weight” is not just a comedy about trying to lose weight. This is a film about the search for the causes of psychological emptiness, the emptiness that accompanies us all at some time. And of course, this is a movie about searching for a sense of life. But these serious messages don't make the comedy less funny. On the contrary, humor is subtly combined with the deepest psychological problems, and in the end, as is customary for this genre, everything is solved in the best way for the main characters.

Gosti iz Proshlogo (2020)


Photo: News Video

Director: Vladimir Vinogradov

Cast: Yuri Stoyanov, Alexey Makarov, Mikhail Trukhin, Anna Nevskaya, Anastasia Akatova


Would you like to travel back in time? Matvey Piotrovsky, a talented Soviet professor, managed to invent a time machine back in 1982. However, the first tests of the invention were not completely successful. A half of the professor`s apartment remained in 1982, while the other half has moved to our time. 

Sergei is a businessman, and he is sharing his flat with his wife Svetlana and daughter Christina. However, everything changes when guests from the past start appearing in his apartment when a part of the flat moves to 1982. 

The only one who is happy with such an unexpected turn of events is the scientist's grandson Pasha. After all, now he can travel in time and prevent one terrible event.

"Gosti iz Proshlogo" is a wonderful series for a festive evening with your family.

Teachers in Law (2020)

Училки в законе (2020)

Photo: Vokrug TV

Director: Konstantin Kolesov

Cast: Maria Shalaeva, Antonina Komissarova, Marina Dianova, Galina Sazonova


Events are developing in Blagoveshchensk, a city on the very border with China. Everything in the city is controlled by the Chinese mafia, and schools are no exception. But everything changes when Katerina gets a job in one of the schools. She is a teacher with a dark past. However, she declares war on the existing system. Her three colleagues join her, even though initially, they didn`t have any intention to do so. 

The plot of the comedy is far from standard, which is why it will be interesting for the whole family to watch.

PI Pirogova (2020)

ИП Пирогова (2020)

Photo:  Kino Poisk

Director: Akaki Sakhelashvili

Cast: Elena Podkaminskaya, Nastasya Kerbengen, Danila Dunaev, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny


Elena Pirogova divorces her husband and starts her own business - a pastry shop, which she has long dreamed of. The business is going uphill. The owner of a large restaurant chain pays attention to the pastry shop and sings a contract with Vera. Vera's income is growing, along with the volume of work. She cannot count on help: her sister is pregnant, her daughter is busy with her student concerns, and her father is constantly in search of adventure. It was during this difficult and at the same time successful period that Denis pays attention to Vera. This is a man with whom Vera could find personal happiness.

Will Vera be able to make the right choice? It's time to find out, and to do so, you can watch the comedy. 

The Relatives (2021)

Родные (2021)

Photo: KG Portal

Director: Ilya Aksenov

Cast: Sergei Burunov, Irina Pegova, Semyon Treskunov, Katerina Becker


The head of the family finally decides to fulfill his old dream - to perform a song at the Grushinsky Music Festival. He is going on a long trip through Russia. So, why not take all the family with? He believes this trip is going to help everyone to relax and forget about every day worries.

Family members have no choice but to accompany him on this far from easy journey, filled with all sorts of curiosities and the most ridiculous adventures. The trip turns out to be a real test for the family. It also prepares surprises for the father: an amazing meeting that he will never forget. 

The age limit is 12+, so you can enjoy watching the comedy in a close family circle.

Hotel Belgrade (2020)

Отель Белград (2020)

Photo: IVI

Director: Konstantin Statsky

Cast: Milos Bikovich, Diana Pozharskaya, Boris Dergachev, Alexandra Kuzenkina


Pasha is the owner of a five-star hotel. He leads a carefree life until he accidentally spoils the very expensive property of an influential Mafiosi. It is impossible to compensate for the damage, and the Mafiosi forces Pavel to marry his daughter. The daughter of the Mafiosi begins to prepare for the wedding with might and main. However, Pasha meets his old love - Dasha who is a simple girl.

While the girls are deciding how they are going to share Pavel, Pavel himself is trying to solve the problems that are pouring on him, as if from a cornucopia.

The comedy is perfect for family viewing.

Success (2019)

Успех (2019)

Photo: Vokrug TV

Director: Pavel Ruminov

Cast: Alexander Flegontov, Alexey Chadov, Maria Lobanova, Nikolay Schreiber


Artyom had a girlfriend, Lisa, with whom they worked in a rock group, but the birth of their daughter changed their plans. Lisa was never able to put up with the fact that she would have to leave music. So, she took the first opportunity that came along to leave for the USA and continue her musical career there.

Artem, on the other hand, is raising his daughter on his own. In order to survive, he is forced to earn money at corporate parties, performing pop songs. At one corporate party, he forgets the words, and his daughter comes to help. She is singing along with her father.

The clip with her performance is getting more and more likes on the Internet, and real producers are interested in the girl. And Lisa, her mother, after seeing the performance on the network, returns home. How will it end? Watch the comedy to find out.

The Foundling (2019)

Подкидыш (2019)

Photo: Film RU

Director: Sergei Vasiliev

Cast: Victor Loginov, Vitaly Gerasimov, Inga Oboldina, Irina Verbitskaya, Malika Lapshina


You probably remembered the classic Soviet film with the same name. The modern "Foundling" history repeats the events described in the Soviet classic movie. A five-year-old girl is lost on the streets of Moscow. Although modern stone jungles are far from safe, a kind and gullible child is unaware of this. The metropolis becomes a kind of playground for an inquisitive girl. In search of parents, the girl meets a variety of people, and she makes each of them kinder.

This is a wonderful comedy remade in a modern way, suitable for viewing with children.

Dear Dad (Dorogoy Papa) (2019)

Дорогой папа (2019)

Фото: IVI

Director: Mikhail Raskhodnikov

Cast: Andrey Permyakov, Valentina Lyapina, Varvara Malkova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov


Vadim is the owner of a big retail chain. But his company is registered in the name of his mother, and she leaves all her fortune not to her son, but to her granddaughter. The main problem is that Vadim left his wife and daughter many years ago. Now, when a major Chinese investor is ready to winter into a partnership with Vadim, which the latter could only dream of, Vadim has a difficult task - to convince his daughter to give up the shares that her grandmother has left to her.

The comedy is suitable for family viewing.

The House Elf (Domovoy) (2019)

Домовой (2019)

Фото: IVI

Director: Evgeny Bedarev

Cast: Alexandra Politic, Dmitry Bedarev, Dmitry Belotserkovsky, Ekaterina Guseva, Pavel Derevyanko


This comedy tale tells us about the events that took place in Moscow. Everything is going on in an ordinary house. There is an unusual apartment in this house, the tenants do not stay there for a long time. This time, the new tenants are a very independent lady and her eight-year-old daughter. But the house-elf living there considers himself the only owner of the apartment.

The tenants turn to the witch for help, and everything changes: now the house-elf needs the help of the tenants themselves.

The comedy is suitable for viewing with young children.