New Movies 2020 

It is so complicated to choose a movie to watch. Everything complicates even more if you consider that you need to choose from thousands of titles. 

This is one of the reasons why we have to rely on the opinion of other people when choosing a movie to watch: we read reviews, make ourselves acquainted with feedback, checklists and ratings, and similar. Still, sometimes, after having watched a movie, you might get a feeling that you have wasted valuable time and that you would have better spent it on something else. 

My Russian TV Company has its own audience. Thus, we have decided to make a list of the best movies 2020 reviewed by our users. You can check the list and read reviews. We hope sincerely that it will help you to make the right decision and find the best movies to watch. 

Thus, the best movies in 2020 are the following.

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea en

Photo: YouTube

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Director: Renni Harlin


Everything starts in an underwater laboratory called Aquatica. A group of scientists is working on the development of a medicine to cure Alzheimer disease. The medicine is made on the base of an extract from the shark`s brain. The medicine tests show that the preparation cures Alzheimer disease indeed. However, the scientists face another issue: the brain of a shark is too small. 

The solution seems to be simple: to increase the brain of the sharks with the application of genetic engineering. The scientists believe this is a solution indeed and do it. However, they haven`t considered one important point: sharks get a bigger brain, thus, they become smarter. Now, smart animals want to take revenge and to kill people.

Will the scientists manage to keep the sharks under control and continue their experiments with the medicine? Now, the success of the fight against the previously incurable disease depends on it. Or maybe the scientists will have to pay a dear price for their intrusion in the natural processes? 

To find out how the events evolve you need to watch the movie. 

Keep in mind though that this is not a movie for kids. However, it is a perfect option if you are going to spend a nice evening in the company of your friends. Deep Blue Sea is no doubt one of the most impressive new movies. 

Voina Semei

Voina Semei en

Photo: Afisha

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ilia Farfel, Evgeny Korchagin


Misha and Dima have always been best friends. Their friendship has lasted for more than 40 years. It looks like nothing can separate them. They even run a common business and live close one to another. When the friends got married, their wives became friends, too. 

It looks like the coming wedding is going to make the bond even stronger. However, during the wedding, some secrets are revealed. Everything is changed, and the old friendship is destroyed forever. The friends turn into bitter enemies and try to divide the things that cannot be divided. 

Voina Semei is a wonderful family comedy. It is a perfect movie to spend an amazing evening in the family circle or with friends and have a good laugh. 

This is a movie that shows situations in which everybody has been. Thus, you will find out that the film is somehow very close to you. Along with funny scenes, it is filled with nice and touching moments that promise to make you feel sad and happy at the same time. 


Tenet en


Genre: Sci-Fi

Director: Christopher Nolan


During the marketing campaign, the film was positioned as the one that is difficult, almost impossible to understand and to explain or describe. However, we would say that the movie is absolutely clear. One just shall understand that Nolan creates visual movies. You need to watch them, not to describe. This is the main secret why the movie cannot be described in the common sense of the world. 

The plot is rather simple - a secret agent shall manage time to prevent World War III. That`s it, nothing new here. 

But the way in which everything is shown is absolutely new and unusual. The way they show time inversion is something amazing: you can see bullets flying back in the gun, cars being recovered from parts, and so on - even the soundtrack is played reversely to show time inversion. The most impressive thing is that the main character doesn`t know how the next time change is going to influence the present and what is going to happen. This is one more distinctive feature of the movie.

One more special feature is the fact that characters don`t have a past. They even don`t have names, the main character is called The Protagonist, and that`s it. This is one more way for Nolan to create the needed impression.

This movie shows clearly what kind of a person Nolan is - it is a real film director. It creates a movie from parts as if it were a puzzle. Actors are the puzzle pieces, all their movements, emotions are very accurate and defined in advance. Their main task is to impress. In this regard, we can say that Tenet is definitely a masterpiece created by a great director.


Primal en

Photo: Wikipedia

Genre: Animated Series

Director: Gennady Tartakovski


Prial is an animation series. We would say that this genre is associated rather with content for kids. However, this is a story for adults filled with many things to think about.

Primal is a story between a human and a dinosaur. As different as they are, these two friends are trying to survive in the adverse conditions of the ancient world. 

The main character isn`t attached to anybody and anything. He doesn`t have any responsibilities. His main goal is to survive, he isn`t interested in anything else. 

Now, some interesting facts about the main character. He started to live without any specific aim when his parents were killed. The most interesting thing is that he doesn`t want to take revenge, he just lives his daily life. This is the most interesting detail that makes the series unique indeed. Here, you aren`t asking yourself something like “Ok, and now, what is he going to do now?” You are just watching and observing every single moment with all the details. 

That`s why the friendship between the main character and the tyrannosaur is perceived as something extraordinary. It is deprived of any sentimentality, the dinosaur is a wild animal, he doesn`t understand human emotions. 

One more interesting detail is that both the human and the animal are on their own. They don`t belong to any community. There are not so many people in the movie. Those people that the characters meet are adverse, and they don`t live in a community, either. However, there is a mammoth community, a community of bats, monkeys. The latter have even some kind of technology. 

The series is slow. The director pays a lot of attention to emotions, not actions. This is also one of the distinctive features of the series. 

If you love to observe, to think, then this is a movie for you. It will help you to spend several nice evenings in the circle of your family or with friends. We promise that you will not have time to get bored.

Krasotka V Update

Krasotka V Update en


Genre: Comedy

Director: Yana Gladkikh


Polina is a usual young woman, her life is usual, too, filled with common problems at work and personal issues. She is a technician, and her subordinates even call her with a patronymic that would be suitable for a man - Palych. In such conditions, she cannot feel that she is beautiful.

Once though something strange happens. He wakes up to understand that she is a beauty. 

What is the trick though and if there is a trick at all?

Polina hasn`t changed anything in her appearance, she hasn`t had any surgical intrusions like many women do. She started perceiving herself as she is. 

Such a change opened all the doors, and Polina now understands that she can be a beauty doesn`t matter how she looks. 

Krasotka v Udare is an amazing movie about self-acceptance. It shows that other people perceive you in the way you feel, and it might influence your life significantly.

While this is a comedy, the movie is still filled with a lot of touching moments that will reveal many important things to you. 

Nomer Odin

Nomer Odin en

Photo: Afisha

Genre: Comedy

Director: Mikhail Rashodnikov


Felix is a known thief who specializes in art masterpieces. This time his target is a priceless painting No 1 by Mark Rothko. The painting is located in the gallery of Felix`s former wife and her new husband.

He collaborates with Artiom to achieve his target. However, they have to face some challenges. Artiom falls in love with Marina who is a police officer and whose biggest wish is to catch Felix. 

Neadekvatnyie Ludi

Neadekvatnyie Ludi en

Photo: Afisha

Genre: Comedy

Director: Roman Karimov


Vitaliy is a calm young man. He is moving from his hometown to Moscow in an effort to start a new life. However, he is extremely unlucky with the people around him. His neighbours, his boss, and other people are just abnormal. Even his psychotherapist appears to be a sadomasochist. It seems that Vitaliy is the only normal person in the city. 

He cannot bear it anymore and goes back to his native city. However, his former neighbour finds him even there. She persuades Vitaliy to try once more and to give Moscow one more chance. 

This movie is about every person, even about you and all your problems. There, you will find such an issue as a need to communicate more or less decently with relatives even though one might have no wish to communicate with them at all. It is a movie about the life of an ordinary person, one who is extremely tired from the world but has to move on. There, you see how people are trying to survive, to fight their fears and unconfidence, how a teenager is trying to remake the world and many other things that will remind you of all your struggles and challenges. 

The eternal problem of relationships between children and parents is discussed, too. Here, you cannot find who is guilty and who is right. Everybody behaves sometimes reasonably, sometimes strange, and everybody is right to some extent. 

Humor, simplicity, and clearness are the main features of the movie. All the characters are absolutely close to everybody of us. That`s why this movie will impress and make you reconsider many things in life. 

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