Most IPTV providers, including Russian TV Company, offer several hundred channels within even the simplest and the cheapest subscription plan. While it is a benefit, sometimes, it might be pretty frustrating to move from one channel to another in the search of the best option. Until you make your choice, such a search might be also pretty irritating. 

That`s why the Russian TV Company has compiled for you the rating of the top 5 Russian channels. We have tried to consider the widest audience. The rating is based on the feedback from our users. 

Channel One (Pervyy Kanal)

Channel One, or Pervyy Kanal is the first channel that started broadcasting on the territory of the Russian Federation. His headquarters have always been located at Ostankino Technical Center. As long as it was the very first channel, the number of its viewers has been growing exponentially both in Russia and abroad. Now, the channel has around 250 million viewers in the whole world.

Even though the channel has been severely criticized for its political bias, cruelty to animals, and had some more issues, it has always been one of the most popular Russian channels in the world. 

The channel is famous for its programs for kids. Good Night, Little ones!, Yeralash and Sesame Street have become popular among the representatives of several generations of Russian citizens. 

The channel also broadcasts plenty of educational programs about science, the environment, sports shows, cooking shows, reality, and game shows. Its viewers can watch dramas, series, actions, thrillers, horrors, and all other types of content that is preferred by its audience.

NTV (Russia)

NTV is a free-to-air broadcasting channel. It was launched as a subsidiary of Media-Most, a media company run by Vladimir Gusinski.

Now, NTV is known for its political views. For example, in 2014, NTV started broadcasting a documentary 13 Friends of the Junta about the actions of Russians in Ukraine describing them as supporters of fascism. 

Now, the channel broadcasts abroad, too, and is known as one of the media that fights for the freedom of speech in Russia.

There, you can watch political programs, shows, debates.


Russia-1 is a state-owned TV channel. The channel was launched in 1956 in the times of the Soviet Union and was known under the name of Programme Two. In 1991, it was renamed RTR. Now, Russia-1 is one of the main channels on the territory of Russia. Its politics is similar to that of Channel One. 

While the channel was accused in some efforts to falsify some historical facts, for example, was trying to represent the intrusion by Russia of Czechoslovakia as a necessity to protect the country from the NATO coup.

In general, though the content offered by the channel is pretty varied and interesting. Russia-1 aims at the widest audience. Thus, you can watch there different types of programs, shows, movies, and programs for kids.

Channel One Russia Worldwide, or Channel One Russia International Broadcasting

With the increasing number of Russian emigrants, the demand for top-quality Russian channels broadcasting abroad has grown significantly. Now, more than 250 million viewers regard Channel One Russia Worldwide as one of the main channels to watch at home.

It offers its international viewers an opportunity to watch all types of content: talk shows, games, programs for kids, movies, series, sports programs, and similar. 

Domashny (Domestic Channel)

This channel targets mostly female audiences between the age of 25 to 60 years old. The channel was launched in 2005, and since then, it has gained an audience of more than 60 million viewers both in Russia and abroad. 

Now, the channel has more than 13 stations and works with more than 230 affiliates. 

Domashny is known for broadcasting Russian series, classic movies, foreign series, and movies.