Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrated now in a limited number of countries, thus, we doubt that you are going to have a day off on that day. However, you might want to plunge into the atmosphere of this holiday, a special day for the military services in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan (in these countries, this holiday is still preserved). Thus, the team of RTVC has chosen the best movies to watch on this day. These movies will allow you to plunge into the Day atmosphere and once more, remember about those who have fought for us. 

Battalion, 2015


Photo: Ref News

Genre: War Drama, War Movie, Historical Drama

Director: Dmitriy Meskhiev

When the director was selecting the plot for the film, he wanted something that cannot leave anyone indifferent. And thus, he has chosen women, their feelings, and war. It is not a standard war movie. The action is unfolding in 1917, during WWI. There is nothing surprising about it. We know enough about WWII, but WWI is still a mystery to many of us. 

Thus, 1917. Young Soviet Russia is living not at the most beneficial time of its history. Additionally, the country has to fight against German troops. 

Kerensky is waiting for the news from the front desperately but instead of relief, it brings more desperateness. The soldiers and officers don`t want to fight. Thus, in Saint Petersburg, the first “battalion of death” is formed. This battalion consists of women only. 

The battalion is formed from women of all kinds, all ages, and any background. These women will become that turning point in the war that will determine everything. They were supposed to boost the morals of Russian officers and make them win the war. 

The best way to show the absurdity of war is to make a film about women participating in it. The director has managed to do it. You can see that women have to face double challenges: those that men face, and those that men can create. In the conditions of the lack of support and abuse, women manage to change the course of events.

Brest Fortress (Fortress of War), 2010


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Genre: War Drama, Drama

Director: Aleksandr Kott

This is a movie about the defenders of the Brest fortress. You could have guessed it from the movie title. The movie is based on real events, and the prototypes of the main characters are real people. 

This is one of the rare movies that show how unexpected the war started. You see people who are busy with their daily things. Somebody is looking for a ticket to move his family to the new place of work. Young people are enjoying the sunny day. Nobody is waiting for anything bad. Moreover, all these people don`t know about each other, they are living their lives. However, very soon, the main aim will unite them - this aim is to fight in the fortress until they die. 

This is a monumental movie, indeed. The scenes of battles, fights are filmed greatly and incredibly realistically. This movie will keep you in front of the TV until the very last second. 

Panfilov`s 28 Men, 2015



Genre: Drama, War Drama

Director: Andrey Shalopa

Panfilov`s 28 men are not just soldiers who were defeating the native country. This movie is about young people who sacrificed everything for the main aim: to stop nazis. 

The most interesting detail in the movie is not even the plot. It is the fact that it is the first movie that was made for the money of usual people. Initially, all the invested funds were provided as the result of a crowdfunding campaign. Just at later stages, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of The Republic Kazakhstan joined with financing. 

The premiere of the movie took place in 2016. The film received very contradictory reviews from critics but it was a success by spectators. The fact that it was chosen as the best film in Russia tells a lot. The film raised almost 35 million rubles in CIS countries. These facts alone tell more than any critical reviews. 

The movie tells about the events that took place in 1941. The 8th Guards Rifle Division is being trained. The soldiers study the technical features of German tanks and learn to handle the available weapons and Molotov cocktails. Suddenly, a message arrives that German troops are preparing an advance. Four divisions of Russians have to fight with three German regiments with tanks. There is no hope that reinforcement will be provided.

After the first attack of German troops, only 28 Russian soldiers remain alive. But they aren`t going to surrender. The ammunition is running out. The soldiers are ready to go hand-to-hand, but from the left flank, a machine-gun burst is heard. The rest of the German regiments are killed. But Russians also have huge losses: only 6 soldiers remain alive. 

Battle for Sevastopol, 2015



Genre: Drama, War Drama

Director: Sergei Mokritsky

This film is based on a real story - a story of a woman-sniper, a woman whose name was used to motivate soldiers to fight.

Luda`s father fought during the Civil and Finnish wars. He used to raise his daughter as if she were a soldier. When WWII starts, the young woman goes to fight. 

Although the film is called after the battle for Sevastopol, the turning point in the Second World War, but the story that the movie tells is not only about the battle. It is a story of a woman in a war. The film shows the development of the main character - a beautiful woman and a perfect sniper. First, Ludmila shoots nazis with purely statistical interest. Later, the interest is replaced by fury and hatred to those who have dared to come and destroy everything she used to love. Every development stage is accompanied by a severe injury, and with it, a new change comes.  

Ladoga, 2019



Genre: Detective, Drama, War Drama

Director: Alexander Veledinsky

Every time we remember Defender of the Fatherland Day we cannot ignore the great feat of those who survived the blockade of Leningrad. Along with them, we are remembering those who helped those people to survive the great battle by transporting food across the frozen Ladoga lake. 

Life in Leningrad is like hell. There is no hope, just desperateness. Just from time to time, people are evacuated from the city. Olga is lucky: she and her son are chosen to go away from the city. But during the trip across the lake, a lorry with her son goes underwater. 

The desperate mother decides to stay and help to transport supplies in the city. But among them, there is a saboteur. An NKVD captain arrives to find out who the saboteur is.