When you come home from work or finally have a peaceful day off, and want to watch a nice movie, the least you want to do is to waste hours searching for the film that is good for watching. That`s why the Russian TV Company has prepared for you a rating of the best series. The rating is created based on the opinions of users, and we did our best to include in the rating movies in different genres to ensure you will find the movie you are looking for.

Igra na Vyzhivanie (Science Fiction)


Photo: Cinemaplex

Mafia is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. A team of eleven people is gathered at the game table, and the world can start observing the mix of pain, lie, hatred, tears, love, and death. This is the ultimate game. Who are the innocent citizens and who belong to the ruthless mafia? The players have to find it out. The winner gets a huge cash prize and the one who loses… Well, he has to die.

The futuristic world impresses, as well as the scale of the game. A perfect watch for a cozy evening with your family members.

To the Lake (Apocalyptic drama)

To the Lake

Photo: Afisha

Probably, this is not the best choice for now, but still, To the Lake takes top places in the ratings of the best TV series. 

A deadly virus is turning the capital of Russia Moscow into the city of the dead. The virus is highly contagious, and the one who gets contaminated dies within a couple of hours. Several people with different backgrounds, different settings, and different lives move to a far away lake in the north of the country to find their shelter there and wait until everything is over. It turns out that not the virus is their main enemy but people.

The secret of the popularity of the To the Lake series is in the genuinity of the actors` play. Even without subtitles or dubbing, the actors manage to pass to the viewer their feelings and emotions. Every member of the group that is moving to the lake is a real personality, the development of each one was completed in the initial episodes but it is worth that.

This is an amazing movie that stands out from apocalyptic zombie outbreaks. It is worth watching. 

Silver Spoon (Thriller/Police Drama)

Silver Spoon

Photo: Kino RU

Igor is a son of a rich man, he doesn`t have any issues, moreover, financial ones. However, when he gets into trouble with law, his dad decides that it is time for the boy to grow up and start earning his living. Igor goes to work in the police and with time, he discovers that he is pretty good at it.

While uncovering the mysteries and secrets of other people, he decides to deal with his own dark past, too.

The series consists of three seasons, and none season is similar to the previous one. Terrific acting, unexpected plot twists, unusual and unpredictable situations make the movie stand out. It is one of the few Russian criminal movies streamed by Netflix.

Better than Us (Sci-fi Drama)

Better than Us

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She looks like a beautiful woman but in the reality, she is a beautiful and sexy murder robot. She is not the only robot, there are many of them. Every bot has its owner and is programmed to perform specific functions. In 2029, robots have taken an important place in the lives of people. 

George is a medical examiner, he is divorced, and his wife has custody of their both kids. She moves to live with her new husband and kids to Australia, and George feels devastated. 

At this time, the head of Cronos, a company producing bots looking after kids and sex-bots, gets a new robot Arisa. She isn`t programmed to follow the First Law, which is not to harm a human. When one of the Cronos workers tries to have sex with Arisa, she breaks his neck.

When a case of death is investigated, Arisa makes a new friend - the little Sonia, the daughter of George, and Cronos learns that their murder bot has scaped.

Masha and the Bear (Cartoon)


Photo: Kino Poisk

Masha and the Bear is a cute funny cartoon about a retired circus bear and a small girl. The bear wants to end his life living calmly in a forest. However, his calm life is over when Masha, a 4-year-old girl appears in the forest.

While she has a special talent for getting into trouble, her witty spirit and unrestful nature change the life of the bear and all the forest inhabitants by making it brighter and funnier.

While many parents believe that Masha gives a bad example to smaller kids, there is no doubt that the cartoon is fun to watch not only for kids but for adults, too.