Thanksgiving Day is an important holiday in the history of the United States. This year it falls on November 25th. According to legend, the tradition began in 1621 when the pilgrims reaped the first harvest on the new continent. At the end of autumn, people thanked the land for the harvest and local residents for their help in mastering the craft of farming. 

It's hard to believe, but 400 years have passed since then. Traditions and interpretations of the holiday also changed, but it acquired a special meaning in American culture and became a family one. Today, Thanksgiving is loved by both Native Americans and people who have found a new home in America. It is no coincidence that respect, unity, and gratitude are eternal values. 

The traditional Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with family and friends. Preparations for a holiday often begin several days in advance. Some families start the day with active games and walks. After that, everyone sits down at the table. Favorite holiday foods include turkey, pumpkin, corn, potatoes, and apple pie.

You can prolong the fun and have a good rest after treats and frisky fun by watching your favorite movies. In this case, we have prepared a selection of thematic films for the whole family.

The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side

Source: IMDb

The film is based on true events and tells the story of a homeless teenager, Michael. His mother is a drug addict, so the guy was sent to foster families more than once. At the same time, poor education and defenselessness practically deprive Mike of all prospects for a normal life. Mike's life changes when he meets me with married couple Lee Ann and Sean Tuohy. Noticing the guy's wanderings, Lee Ann invites him to spend the night and spend Thanksgiving with her family. Gradually, Mike becomes a member of the Tuohy family. Together they have to go through a lot, but love, faith, and selfless help will create a miracle. Devotion to his new family helps Michael to fulfill his potential in education and sports and, finally, to find his true self.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Ешь, молись, люби

Source: Smart Facts

This is a film about rethinking, realizing, returning to the true self. Despite material well-being, the main character Julia realizes that she does not live like that and is not where she would like. After a divorce from her husband, she went on a trip. In Italy, Julia finds friends and learns to enjoy life, in India she learns spirituality, and in Indonesia, she decides to open her heart to new love. Losing harmony is scary, but living without love, faith, and support is sometimes even scarier. Recommended for viewing to all aesthetes and travel lovers!

Little women (2019)

Little Women

Source: News Week

Little Women is an adaptation of the novel by Louise May Alcott. The film is set during the 1868 American Civil War. The plot focuses on four sisters from the March family Josephine “Joe”, Margaret “Mag”, Amy and Elizabeth “Beth”. They have completely different characters and dreams, but girls are looking for a place in the world and trying to find love. Someone is looking for solace in painting, someone in acting, someone in literature or music... This soft, kind, and beautiful film is perfect for a quiet evening viewing.

Sweet November (2001)

Sweet November

Source: Prime Video

How long does it take to change your own life? Sometimes it takes years, but the main characters only have one month. Sarah and Nelson live in different worlds. He is an experienced advertising agent who only cares about his career. She is an eccentric girl who lives by her own rules. It would seem that they are not destined to meet, but a casual acquaintance changes everything. Sarah manages to understand the feelings, thoughts, desires, fears of the protagonist and help him build a new life. At the same time, the girl continues to secretly fight an incurable disease. This dramatic story teaches us to enjoy life no matter what.

Free Birds (2013)

Free Birds

Source: Wallscloud

In addition, we offer you an exciting and funny cartoon that will be interesting to watch with children. Reggie is a turkey who realized turkey is the main dish for Thanksgiving. Horrified by this realization, he decides to save the other turkeys from death. First, Reggie explains to the others that they are destined to decorate the table. However, everyone thinks the main character is crazy. Suddenly, Reggie gets a chance to travel back in time and change American traditions. He plans to return in 1621 and remove the turkey from the holiday menu altogether. I wonder if a daredevil can change the course of history and save the turkey family?

Dear Friends, Russian TV Company wishes you a warm, unforgettable, and sincere Thanksgiving Day. We hope that the proposed selection of films will bring only pleasure and joy from watching.