Dear Friends, in recent years, Russian TV series are gaining more and more popularity and can be compared with Hollywood masterpieces. A variety of exciting stories win the hearts of millions of viewers. 

We decided to share with you a selection of our favorites for the last two years :

Chiki 2020


Source: Kommersant

This series has been repeatedly recognized as the best Russian series in the last 10 years. 

The story of four girls from the Russian hinterland, who decided to leave their unenviable profession in the past and open a fitness club. But how to achieve respect, raise money, and resist all the difficulties on the way to the dream. Sarcastic humor along with dramatic Russian truth will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dead Mountain - The Dyatlov Pass Incident 2020


Source: Tver Life

The series is dedicated to the mysterious death of Igor Dyatlov's tour group in 1959. Many mystical legends are associated with this tragedy, and the investigation documents have been classified for many years. The series tells not only about the details of the incident but also about the biography of the participants of the expedition.

Kriuk 2021



The story of a young hockey agent trying to build his career honestly, to support his wards not only in professional issues. He has to meet with another side of the sports world, which the hero did not know about before. 

Clinic of Happiness 2021



The unique method of Dr. Alena Lipnitskaya helps a large number of patients to establish their personal life, and by her example, she shows how you can be happy and look unsurpassed. But at one point, the ideal life begins to collapse, and a woman has to not only save her career but also her private life.

Topi 2021



A mystical series about a mysterious village. A group of Muscovites decides to go to a monastery near the village of Topi to make a retreat and get rid of problems. But when they arrive, they discover something truly terrifying.

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