Dear friends, with the approach of Halloween - one of the most creepy and at the same time interesting holidays. We have prepared a selection of horror films so that you can find inspiration for the best costume this year!


Saw (2003-2021)

A series of films with an exciting and terrifying plot.

Several people suddenly find themselves in a terrible trap, they are forced to play for survival in an attempt to get out of captivity, they have to mutilate the bodies of not only other people but also their own.

 Which of the abducted is the psycho who dragged them into the trap and will anyone be able to get out into the wild?

It (2017)

A mysterious clown with a terrifying smile who lives in the sewers of a small town kidnaps and kills children. But a group of teenagers decides to deal with the monster in order not to fall into his trap themselves, they have to face their worst nightmares. Will they be able to survive and defeat the mystical Pennywise…

Silent Hill (2006/ 2012)

Rose is forced to go to a mysterious foggy city to try to cure her daughter of terrible nightmares, visions, and night walking. But suddenly it turns out that there are terrible monsters in this place and the forces of evil rule the city. And even the locals turn out to be completely different from what they pretend to be.

The Conjuring (2013 /2016/ 2021)

This trilogy makes your blood run cold!

 Detectives investigating paranormal cases have to face terrifying forces of evil, which they have not met before. To fight the scary ghosts, overcome their fears, and survive in the end is not an easy task!

The Bride (2017) 

After the wedding, the young couple goes to visit the husband's relatives at a country estate. And from the first night, the bride begins to see nightmares and to feel something wrong. The groom's family also does not inspire confidence in the woman, especially after talking about holding a very strange wedding ritual…

We congratulate you on the upcoming holiday! 

We wish you choose the best costume and have a fun time!