Chikatilo. 2021 (Russia) 



The series reveals the secrets of the double life of the most famous serial killer in the USSR, Andrei Chikotilo (The role is played by Dmitry Nagiyev), and shows the details of the disclosure of brutal crimes committed by a maniac.

Paper House/season 5. 2021 (SPAIN)


Source: KinoFilmPro

The continuation of the stunning story of a Spanish group of robbers under the leadership of a brilliant Professor. The series managed to win the hearts of viewers around the world.

Mediator. 2021 (Russia)


Source: The Talon

The story of an amazing man, Andrey Pavlov - a professional negotiator who has an incredible talent for feeling people, reincarnating, and establishing contact even with terrorists. Any deal and agreement are within his power.

Voskresensky. 2021 (Russia)



Russian Sherlock Holmes of the twentieth century. Forty-year-old professor of medicine Voskresensky, examining the bodies of victims, helps the St. Petersburg police to solve even the most complicated crimes.\

Lupin. 2021.  (USA) 


Source: Rozetked

The story of a modern Robin Hood who decided to commit an unthinkable crime - to steal a necklace of Marie Antoinette from the museum. The young man is driven not only by a thirst for profit but also by personal motives: he intends to avenge the death of his father. While planning a robbery, a man is inspired by a book about Arsene Lupin - a gentleman criminal.

Пищеблок. 2021. (Russia)


Source: You Tube

Fantastic events, mysterious disappearances of children, and reincarnations into vampires-all this takes place in an ordinary pioneer camp “Burevestnik”. Scary stories from childhood become a reality. 

The Witcher/season 2. 2021 (USA, Poland)



A continuation of the fantasy series based on the plot of the book and a computer game.

A warrior with a magical gift fights against the forces of darkness and tries to save his beloved. All this happens during the war, between the kingdoms, where the hero has to fight with unprecedented monsters.

Wanda / Vision 2021 (USA)


Source: You Tube

The long-awaited series from Marvel,

Telling the story of Wanda and Vision, after the events of the movie “Avengers: Finale”, when most of their friends died in the fight. The characters lead an ordinary and even ideal life, but is this really so?

Loki. 2021.  (USA)


Source: Pop Corn News

Finally, the identity of everyone's favorite mysterious villain from the Marvel universe is revealed!

The cunning and insidious hero travels through time and changes the events of the past, while he has to cooperate with the organization” Management of Temporary Changes", which intends to direct Loki to the way of good.

Gossip Girl. 2021  (USA) 


Source: Hollywood Life

The sequel to the TV series of the same name, which once became a cult among young people.

Many years later, “Gossip Girl " returns to an elite New York school - an anonymous source of rumors about the private lives of students. 

Jetlag. 2021 (Russia)


Source: You Tube

A new comedy series shows us how a small quarrel can separate people not just from different corners, but from opposite ends of the world and turn people's lives upside down. One thing remains unchanged - true love.