Television has a quite long history but it still is one of the most popular ways to get information or relax – watch films, programs, concerts, etc. It’s a good tradition for a lot of families to spend free time together, talking and watching favorite channels. It’s an important part of everyday routine. Even the Internet with all its power and terabytes of useful information, can’t change this.

To watch TV abroad

TV for some decades already became part of life we even sometimes don’t mention too much. We just turn it on and get the content we need. The real value of TV and channels/programs in a native language know only those people, who can’t watch them whenever they like - for example, immigrants, who live abroad for a short or long period of time. Watching the channels they are used to from childhood really helps to feel closer to the place where they were born.

The main problem is that sometimes watching native TV channels from abroad may be almost not possible – some programs are blocked for the foreign audience, the quality of broadcasting is too bad or even frequently interrupted every 10 minutes due to the technical problems. Sometimes good broadcasting is possible only in case of a very high-speed Internet connection and using expensive equipment.

As a result, many people who really want to watch TV online, use even dangerous (according to the security reasons) services or just search for any available alternatives.

Ok, what to do?

We found a solution to this situation and want to share it with you. The native TV becomes closer with the Russian TV Company. We offer a service which is able to bring you dozens of pleasant days and evenings watching films and shows you really missed. With our App, you can watch TV directly from the browser. The only thing you need – is to register on our web-site (it will take only a couple of minutes). Immediately after logging in you will get free trial access. Just try it and then decide with a subscription to stick to: free, basic or premium. You can choose from almost 90 channels and 1700+ films. A good start, isn’t? Enjoy your viewing!