You can watch the First Channel on Android Box. All you need to do is to download the First Channel app, and to install it on your box. The entire procedure is easy and straightforward. 

First, download the First Channel App:

  • Prepare the USB flash drive to which you are going to download the app. 

  • Use this link for download GooglePlay or our website.;

Now, connect the USB flash drive with the app to your Android Box, and follow the instructions:

  1. In your Android Box, move to the Apps section.

  1. Here, move to Play Store. 

  1. Choose the USB flash drive where you are going to copy the app.

  1. Copy there the .apk file from the USB flash drive..

  1. When you see the following notification, click on INSTALL.

  1. Wait until the installation is completed.

  1. Finally, when the app is installed, you can open it to watch the First Channel.