Kristina Asmus is a famous Russian film and theater actress who first gained fame by starring in a high-rated series on the TNT channel. Now the actress does not seek to replenish her filmography with passing projects but plays only in films that are significant for her.

Childhood and youth

The actress was born on April 14, 1988, in the city of Korolyov. Her real name is Kristina Myasnikova, and she took the surname Asmus from her grandfather, a German by nationality. Father — Igor Myasnikov, mother — Rada Myasnikova. The family brought up four children, Kristina has sisters Karina, Olga and Ekaterina.

The Myasnikovs lived modestly, first in a communal apartment, then in a 2-room “Khrushchev” apartment. Looking back at her childhood, the actress says that sometimes there was only a can of horseradish in their refrigerator, they had to endure and wait for their parents’ salary.

As a child, Kristina Asmus was active in gymnastics and rose to the level of Candidate for Master of Sports. Her parents wanted to see her as an athlete, but the girl herself dreamed of becoming an actress, and such a desire appeared after the series Wild Angel with Natalia Oreiro in the title role.

The family reacted with understanding to the daughter’s wish. Already in her school years, she studied at the theater studio, where she played in the performance of E. Makhonin’s “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …” in theater “MEL.”

After graduation, Asmus entered the Moscow Art Theater School in the course of Konstantin Raikin. Nikita Efremov, Pavel Priluchniy, Ivan Makarevich, Aristarkh Venes, Karina Andolenko, Grisha Dobrygin, and Anya Chipovskaya studied with her. In one interview, Kristina said that she was lost against their background and was expelled from the university.

The girl was upset and asked to give her a chance to become a noncredit student in the course, but Konstantin Raikin advised her to work on herself to achieve success and did not accept Asmus back. This conversation with Raikin divided Kristina’s life into before and after.

The next two years of Kristina’s biography were a time of constant searches and tests, and the artist had to show character to overcome life’s difficulties. The girl got a job in two theaters; she even had to sell tickets in one of them. There was also an attempt to create her own agency for organizing holidays.

In 2008, she entered the Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theater School, which she graduated in 2012. There, the actress immediately began to show herself and became the leader of the course. Currently, Kristina is an actress of the Yermolova Moscow Drama Theater.

Personal life

Kristina had a relationship with her classmate Viktor Stepanyan, but the romance did not last long. In 2012, the personal life of Kristina Asmus went along the same path with the resident of the Comedy Club, the famous comedian Garik Kharlamov. In one interview, the star admitted that football united them with Garik. They began to chat on Twitter about this topic, communication continued but already in person. Initially, the actress thought that Garik Kharlamov was a narcissistic, vulgar, and selfish person. Later, Kristina realized “how much she was wrong.”

In 2013, the lovers got married. A few months after the wedding, the media shocked fans with the news of the divorce of Asmus and Kharlamov. Later it turned out: it was not family troubles that led to the divorce, but legal problems from the husband’s past. The journalists also clarified that the registration was invalidated since, at that time, the showman did not divorce Yulia Leshchenko. Thus, Kharlamov had to divorce Kristina in order not to become a bigamist.

On January 5, 2014, Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov became parents: their daughter Anastasia was born in the Lapino hospital near Moscow. Having been on maternity leave for quite a bit, the actress returned to the stage of the Yermolova Theater by the end of January 2014.

Kristina maintains the warmest relationship with her parents and sisters. In April 2019, her father, Igor Lvovich, celebrated his 60th birthday in the Crocus City Hall at the Comedy Club concert. After Garik Kharlamov congratulated his father-in-law, the audience of many thousands burst into applause.

In the summer of 2020, it became known that Garik and Kristina decided to divorce. On Instagram, Kharlamov and Asmus simultaneously made statements about the breakup of their couple. The ex-spouses emphasized that the reason for the separation was not self-isolation introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, and not the scandal that erupted earlier because of the love scene with Asmus’s participation in the film Text.

Fans and the press have already mourned another stellar marriage. Still, soon Vladimir Marconi said that the spouses made statements on social networks as part of the comedy show Comment Out and that the relationship between Garik and Kristina is out of danger. The spouses themselves denied this information and asked the media and showmen not to hype on their family drama.


Barely appearing on TV, the actress with an interesting surname gave rise to rumors of being a relative to the clown and TV presenter Irina Asmus, who was famous in Soviet times. But the actresses are just namesakes, and they are not even distant relatives.

Success came to the actress in 2010 when she was cast for the role of Varya Chernous in the TV series Interns by Maxim Pezhemsky, surpassing 2,500 other applicants. This role became a springboard in her career. In the same year, she was recognized as the sexiest woman in Russia by Maxim magazine.

Then she played her roles in the films Yolki, True Love, Syndrome of the Dragon, and dubbed the Tooth Fairy in the animated film Rise of the Guardians. In 2011, Asmus became TV Actress of the Year, according to Glamour magazine.

In 2012, the actress starred in the romantic comedy Zolushka, a modern take on a classic fairy tale. The heroine Asmus comes to Moscow from the province and gets a job as a maid. In contrast to the fabulous prototype, Masha is daring and punchy. The girl is in love with a famous musician and tries every trick to get to a private masquerade party with his participation.

In 2013, Asmus won the Fashion People Awards. In the same year, she starred in the film Understudy in partnership with Aleksandr Revva. In 2014, in Is light on sight, the actress played along with Garik Kharlamov, who is a realtor in the film, mysteriously moving to those who remembered him.

Soon, the artist’s repertoire was replenished with work in the film The Dawns Here Are Quiet, an adaptation of the story by Boris Vasiliev. The film bears a resemblance to the 2-part Soviet film of the same name, but the authors deny speculation that the new picture is a remake. In the war drama, Asmus played the leading role of Galya Chetvertak.

In her interview, in which she shared memories of working on the project, the actress said that she participated in the war film for the first time. She had a hard time with the death scene, since earlier, Kristina had never depicted the last minutes of a person’s life. And she played the sets in the bathhouse and at the waterfall smoothly.

In addition to the acting profession, the star decided to master directing and entered the appropriate courses. Kristina’s mentor was director Alexei Popogrebsky, winner of the Kinotavr and the Golden Eagle awards.

In February 2016, the celebrity starred in the sports drama Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger, based on real events. Asmus played a biographical role and embodied on the screen the image of the two-time Olympic champion — gymnast Svetlana Khorkina. In the summer of 2016, the actress performed the role of Olga Torres in the melodramatic detective story The Secret of the Idol. In the same year, Asmus’s filmography was replenished with the youth arthouse film Psychos. In 2019, Kristina Asmus received an offer from director Klim Shipenko to audition for a new film. The film Text was created based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

TV projects

The screen star periodically participates in different TV shows. In 2012, the artist appeared in the third season of the Cruel Intentions sports TV show. Together with the athlete Vitaly Minakov, Kristina reached the final of the competition.

In 2014, she was a participant of Ice Age 5, in which she performed in tandem with Alexei Tikhonov. At various times, the actress participated in the programs Eat and Lose Weight!, Exercise with the Stars, Unreal Story, Evening Urgant, and some others.

Kristina Asmus now

For the fans of the actress, the premiere of the melodrama Entering the house, look around took place almost imperceptibly against the background of scandals with the film Text, in which Asmus played a supporting role. Nevertheless, the series about love and jealousy gathered a broad audience on the Russia-1 channel.

At the end of 2019, the actress took part in the filming of Egor Kreed’s video for the song Love is. Initially, a teaser for a video appeared on the Web in which the heroes Asmus and Kreed, passionately looking at each other, are going to kiss. And again, a flurry of criticism rained down on the actress: the haters accused the performer of deliberately choosing provocative images for herself.

On the eve of 2020, the TNT channel premiered the film Eduard Surovy. The tears of Brighton, in which Asmus starred with Kharlamov. The actress appeared on the screen as a ballerina. For the role, Kristina used bright makeup, and her nose was visually enlarged.