In one of our previous posts, we talked about the Ivanovs who live in the USA and watch their national TV channels online. Multiroom function allows each family member enjoy their favorites simultaneously on different devices so everybody is satisfied.

This is Internet-TV by Russian TV Company and it’s truly convenient. However, there is one more feature to mention. Let’s see how Ivanovs use it in an everyday life:

Russian TV for smartphone

Peter Ivanov starts every morning with a hot cup of coffee and fresh news from the motherland. He has to break an important report because it’s time to set off for work. Mr. Ivanov could, of course, watch it later in the record, but by that time it will have become irrelevant. Peter will continue watching the news on the way to work using Russian TV app on his smartphone. The app syncs all the data and opens the last viewed TV channel. All that’s needed is Internet.

Russian TV for PC

At noon, Maria Ivanova wants to distract from work and relax for a little bit. She enters Russian TV account on her laptop, turns on Yoga TV and starts meditating. 60-minute break and Maria gets back to her work duties fully refreshed.

Русское ТВ на планшете

Ivanov juniors have just finished lessons at school and are waiting for their parents to pick them up. Sometimes, mum and dad are a bit late, bit kids always know how to kill time with fun - watch russian cartoons ‘Masha and Medved’ or ‘Fixiki’ on a tablet

Ivanovs watch Russian TV on devices that run different platforms (operating systems): iOS on Semen’s iPhone, Windows on Maria’s laptop, and Android on the children’s tablet. ‘Multiplatform’ function which preserves high image quality on all devices and no matter what you choose, a flat TV set or a 5’’ phone screen, watching Russian TV online will be equally enjoyable. The interface remains user-friendly and all the data is synced.

Watch Russian TV on your smart devices with Russian TV Company!