A story about the Ivanov family from Moscow

Multiroom Feature

Mr. Ivanov lives in the USA with his family and loves to relax after work in front of his TV. It feels so nice to watch your national news on Channel One or crunch some popcorn to a brand-new sitcom starring Dmitry Nagiev.

At this very moment, Mrs. Ivanova is lying comfortably in her bedroom watching ‘Let them speak’ talk-show. Every five minutes she is switching over to her favorite drama TV series about endless love. Mrs. Ivanova often can’t decide about her preferences because the variety of channels is huge - over 200 options.

And Ivanovs’ juniors are being quiet in their room because there is a new Batman movie on in HD quality.

‘How is that even possible to watch Russian news release across the Atlantic and also in the evening? And most TV series air after 6 p.m., while it’s still daytime in the US!’

The answer is simple - Mr. Ivanov has connected to Online TV by Russian TV Company and can watch over 200 Russian TV channels now. His favorite TV programs are available with time shift and along with a 2-week archive of recorded programs to catch up with all the latest news. The Ivanovs took at once to a simple interface and a wonderful Multiroom feature which connects several TV sets or computers to online television simultaneously. Thus, every family member watches his favorites in a digital quality on their own smart device.

‘Why did the Ivanovs choose Online TV over a satellite dish?’ The family often goes to their summer house and always takes the media player with them: it weighs just 190 gr and easily fits into a handbag. The Ivanovs never part with their national channels and the Multiroom feature allows parents and children watch the programs of their own choice.

Something you cannot realize with a standard TV dish...