To watch right now

The long New Year holidays ended, and our favorite channels begin to delight their viewers with the long-awaited premieres. What interesting shows and films are you able to watch right now? We have at least 3 options you will definitely like.

Cinema news is one of the most discussed topics, which is inferior in popularity, perhaps, only talks about the weather and politics. And not without a reason. A good movie has always been, is and will be a great antidepressant and a way to relax. Favorite films are also the best motivation to rush home every night, so as not to miss the next episode of a movie.

The new series from the STS channel Filatov is just like that. It tells the story of a gynecologist who not only brilliantly performs his work, but also knows how to find an approach to patients. And, given that the main role is played by Fedor Bondarchuk, it can be assumed what ratings this short-run film will receive in the very near future.



Another premiere under discussion is the series Trigger. It will definitely appeal to everyone who is at least slightly addicted to psychology. The psychologist Artem Streletsky, who, by the way, is played by Maxim Matveev, uses a very unusual technique in communicating with his patients. He laughs in their faces, insults and humiliates, forcing to start up and take up his situation with renewed vigor. The most amazing thing is that the method works and allows Streletsky's clients to feel good results after a couple of sessions. In a word, everything is going fine. Until Streletsky finds out that one of his patients committed suicide. The doctor now has to figure out this story and find out how everything was in reality.


The 5th episode of “Trigger” has already been released. It's time to start watching.

And, finally, the third novelty of Russian cinema, which we simply could not get past, is today's premiere in Russia of the film “Ice-2” directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov. Despite the first day at the box office, this picture has already set a record of views. And this is just the beginning. We already wrote in detail about this film. All information can be found here.

Happy viewing!

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