2016 is gradually coming to its end and the year of energetic and ambitious Monkey will pass the torch to a talented and charismatic Rooster. According to the Eastern calendar, this bright and colorful bird will favor everybody who was born under its star. Rooster is a charming and courageous sign. Confident about themselves, Roosters are pretty successful in career and business, enjoy being in the middle of attention and will never lose a chance to exhibit all their charm and witticism.

If you didn’t have luck to be born in the year of Rooster then… You are still lucky because you are a subscriber of Russian TV Company. Brand-new national TV-programs, updated movie library, new seasons of your favorite series, pleasant bonuses, and seasonal discounts are waiting for you in 2017.

Our New Year’s promo is ready and here are the terms:

Purchase Alfabox UX2 media player, activate ‘Auto-payment’ option and get a week of FREE Russian TV. Enjoy the whole family:

  • 7 days of Christmas programs with your favorite hosts and artists;
  • 7 days of New Year’s comedies for your kids;
  • 7 days of winter sports in HD-quality;
  • 7 days of animated films, TV-shows, and other entertainment programs during the entire winter holidays.

If you are going to spend these days outside the city, at a ski resort or with your parents, don’t forget to take Alfabox with you to watch Russian television on smart TV sets.

In 2017, we wishe you to be as active and resourceful as Fire Rooster. Favorite national channels available all round the clock? You know where to tune in the next 365 days.

Thank you for watching Russian TV online.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Russian TV Company team