Every day almost 70 million Russians listen to the Radio and take it as one of the main sources of the information. It seems that neither TV nor Internet can replace the radio from its place as one of the leading media in Russia.

Radio in Russia

A more close look helps to understand that Russian people mostly use radio as a music player. 75% of listeners with the help of the favourite radio stations, stay in touch with the favourite music 24/7 without putting too much afford. 45% of the audiences also mention news on the radio, 27% turn on the radio when it comes to talking shows and 22% - only for the scientific digest.

One more interesting tendency – growing the popularity of the online radio. Taking into the account that the Internet becomes faster and cheaper, users prefer to listen to music, radio, podcast or Youtube videos online.

They are different possibilities to listen to radio online. Almost all online radio stations have access to the broadcast on their web-sites. Although it is possible to listen to favourite radio on online platforms which accumulate links from different sources. Russian TV Company’s App although includes a lot of most popular Russian online radio which you can listen to any time and with any available gadget. Just search for some more info here.

Top-5 Russian radio stations with the highest ratings:

  1. Europa Plus
  2. Doroznoe Radio
  3. Avtoradio
  4. Russkoje Radio
  5. Retro FM

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