Alfabox remote is not an ordinary control panel, but a universal tool that controls both TV set and media player. It can learn button functions from any TV remote and serve as a ‘2 in 1’ device. Teach your ‘clean’ Alfabox remote all the necessary commands like:

  • TV SET
  • Mute
  • AV
  • Vol +/-

To do so easily and fast follow our ‘5-step guide to program Alfabox remote control’. Meanwhile, we’d like to take you through its 5 major functions, one of which allows to ‘travel in time’. Let’s go!

SETUP. This button allows you to adjust network preferences, change video and audio settings, and restart portal. Other settings should remain default.

SKIP. This button fast forwards on reordered programs to avoid commercials while watching the archived broadcast.

Archived broadcast is a 2-week record of TV programs that can be re-watched the unlimited number of times. 

FAST PLAY. This button goes back in days while watching from the archive. Every click equals a 24-hour wind-back.

OK. OK button opens the list of channels, selects them and confirms new changes in settings.

EXIT. Use this button to enter Channels, Videoteka, and Settings menu. In the Videoteka, you will find collections of movies. In Settings, you can change your server, adjust buffering and time shift periods. If you press Exit two times, it will bring you back to the Home screen with all the icons.

Time-shifting is the recording of programming to a storage to view after the live broadcasting. If your favorite TV show starts in Russia at 9 a.m. the media player will record it so that you can watch it in the US also at 9 in the morning.

Buffering is the storing of data flow while it’s being processed for playback. When you see the sign of a rotating arrow that means buffering is in the process. Buffering interrupts the video stream when Internet connection speed is low. Increase the buffering period if:

  • You watch online TV on several devices simultaneously (‘Multiroom function’);
  • Other processes consume network capacity (file downloading, web pages browsing etc.).

The longer buffering period is, the more stable video stream you receive.

Recommended bandwidth capacity

Number of devices

Channels in Standard definition (SD)

Channels in High definition (HD)


2.5 Mbit/s

8 Mbit/s


5 Mbit/s

16 Mbit/s


7.5 Mbit/s;

24 Mbit/s

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