Loki - a Movie with a Different Approach


Image Source : DISNEY+ HOTSTAR

What do you associate the name Loki with? We bet the first thing that comes to your mind is the God of Mischief, and you know about it from Marvel Comics. All the movies about the Great Loki are full of irony, humor, a lot of fighting, chasing, and, of course, of mischief. You never know whether the god is so bad that hurting people is fun for him or he is moved by something else. However, the new series is something different. 

The entire approach to the god of mischief is different. This is one of the main reasons why the movie has become popular. This Loki is directed by Take Herron, and the main role is played by Tom Hiddleston. 

Plot for Those Who Don`t Know Yet What We Are Talking about

If you don`t know the pre-history, this paragraph is for you. So, some background information. In Avengers: Infinity War, Loki dies. Thanos simply breaks his neck. However, in Endgame, he gets a second chance. Moreover, he manages to escape in a moment before his death. Now, he believes, he is free to play his own game. 

Now, we jump with Loki into a new movie. Yep, it starts with the unfortunate jump. Why unfortunate? Loki lands just in front of one of the TVA officers who declares immediately that Loki is arrested for breaking the Sacred Timeline. 

Who are the TVA, or Time Variance Authority? Well, we could tell they are the police but in their special dimension. They protect the Sacred Timeline. They tell Loki that everything is planned beforehand, everything is predetermined. Even his, the god`s actions are dictated by fate. Loki resists these facts even though in the depth of his mind, he understands that it might be the truth. 

Loki died. But he managed to return in time before his death. This action broke the Sacred Timeline, and he had to be held responsible for the breach. 

Fate Is the Main Concept


Image Source : DISNEY+ HOTSTAR

Fate - it is the concept that makes the movie stand out. Whilethe Loki character is crucial in cinematography, this time, he is shown in a unique, and absolutely different way. 

When Loki gets arrested, he, to his deepest horror, understands that all his actions, maybe even the jump and other mischiefs are dictated by fate. However, he is still trying to reject the things that are becoming increasingly evident.  

Is Loki a Villain? 

Normally, Loki is a villain even though a funny one. This time the things are different though. He is outsmarted by the TVA even though it sounds weird. The TVA officer gives Loki a choice: he can disappear or he can help in arresting another Time Variant, a very dangerous one. For this aim, Loki has to combine his powers with one of the TVA officers, Agent Mobius. 

Loki is practically forced to accept the offer. Is it his fate or he is a victim of a coincidence? We don`t know yet, and maybe that`s why we are looking forward to every new episode of the series. 

Some More Details That Attract Attention

The controversy is one more thing that attracts the viewers` attention immediately. The monochromatic world of the TVA is something where we simply cannot imagine the god of mischief. But it is the reality where Loki ends up. Maybe it is the first time when Loki is horrified indeed when he understands that even he cannot resist fate. 

So, the story differs completely from any other story about Loki. What else should we expect from the coming episodes? Time will show.