Russian TV Company decided to find out where and who creates the most interesting and useful stories for kids. We set out in search and discovered some of the most popular Russian animated films. Our pick includes 3 series of short and full-length cartoons that will be right enough to enjoy throughout the whole 2017. Let’s get it started!

“The Three Bogatyrs”

In 2004, film studio ‘Melnitsa’ was the first to screen Slavic epic about fine young man Alyosha Popovich. The cartoon became a national hit and gave rise to the adventures of great Russian bogatyrs - Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets, and Alyosha Popovich. The series feature well-known fairy tale characters like Tugarin the Serpent and the Serpent Gorynych; Baba Yaga and Nightingale-Robber; Prince of Kiev and Byzantine Emperor; beautiful Lyubava and Alyonushka and cruel Shamakhan queen; evil pirate Potanya and his ship’s boy Usynya; sly gypsies and kind Papuans - all in 9 hours full of laughter and fun.


  1. Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the Serpent (2004)
  2. Dobrynya Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych (2006)
  3. Ilya Muromets and Nightingale-Robber (2007)
  4. The three bogatyrs and the Shamakhan queen(2010)
  5. The three bogatyrs on distant shores (2012)
  6. The three bogatyrs. Horse course (2014)
  7. The three bogatyrs and the king of the sea (premiere - January 1, 2017)

3D series “Masha and the Bear”

Producers mixed famous Russian folktale and American fidgets ‘Tom & Jerry’ into an endless adventure of a naughty little girl Masha and her intelligent friend - the Bear. As the result, the series numbers over 60 episodes since 2009 and has won an extreme popularity in the Russian-speaking countries and abroad (Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia). Episode 17 has been viewed by over 1.500.000 people on YouTube only, while the largest TV-entertainment company Netflix nicknamed ‘Masha and the Bear’ as ‘Russian phenomenon’.

The kids and the flying animals

Young animation studio ‘Да’ specializes in charity projects and produces cartoons not only for children but also with children. All the characters of ‘The kids and the flying animals’ were made up by little patients of the Cancer Hospital in St-Petersburg. Although these children suffer from a hard disease, their stories and characters come to life in the Light country among the clouds.

7-minute episodes follow five-years-old twins Olya and Kolya who learn something new from their flying friends-animals, for example: where New Year hides; why clenched fists are angry and spread palms are happy; how to make morning come sooner; who is dirty-faced after all - the mirror or me?

The cartoon is considered ‘educational’ and ‘developing’ for children aged 3-6. All the money raised from the project goes to the children's charity fund ‘Помогать легко’.

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