In pursuit of original content, many creators of TV shows and TV shows, unfortunately, are increasingly using familiar patterns and stories that someone, somewhere, once told. Viewers, on the contrary, want something new and are ready to look forward to a series of shows that can “hook” them.

One of such series of last year was Russian doll or Matryoshka Life. Its premiere took place in January 2019. The series ended in the first season, but given the accolades and reviews, it is likely to be extended to the second. Why is it so remembered by the audience and even the world press - The Guardian publication devoted an entire article to the life of nested dolls. Let's get it together.

What is the plot about?

The main character of the film is Nadia, having fun celebrating her birthday, and after the party, she goes home with a beautiful stranger. After spending the night with him, Nadia decides to quickly drive the guest out of the house and goes in search of her cat. Finally she finds a pet on the other side of the road and joyfully runs to him. But at this moment Nadia is hit by a car. It seems to the viewer that the main character died, but she ... comes to life and again falls on yesterday, at a party in honor of her own holiday.

Trying to figure out the situation, the girl lives the events of one day again and again and looks for the answer to the question - what triggered the appearance of a temporary loop? On her way, Nadia meets Alan, who, just like her, is stuck in time and space.

The directors filmed only 8 episodes, the last episode ends rather unpredictably but gives a clear hint that the sequel will still be shot.

So what's the secret?

The series received critical acclaim and high ratings in the rating of the originality and interest of the plot. In addition, Matryoshka Life was nominated for a number of awards, some of which have already been received. Including Emmy.

The secret to the success of the series is that each of its next episodes is completely different from the previous one. The viewer, again and again, falls into the hour loop with Nadia, but each time does not know what to expect. In addition, the images and plots created in the series reflect many trends and features of modern time, which are interesting to watch from the side.

Have you already seen the sensational Russian doll?

UPD: Russian Doll series has been officially extended for the second season.