This year has been rich both in the continuation of box-office hits like Ice 2, Invasion, Last Knight: Root of Evil, and completely new feature films. Filmgoers can enjoy a fantastic action movie about an architect who gets into a severe road accident and ends up in a coma, a heroic drama about the Chernobyl accident, new series about the robot policeman, and many other films and TV shows worthy of seeing them in 2020.

  1. Invasion, directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk

Work on the new sci-fi blockbuster was carried out in the strictest secrecy. But everyone understands that the noble alien Hekon (Rinal Mukhametov) must return to his Yulia from Chertanovo (Irina Starshenbaum) and that all other earthlings, including the influential father colonel, are unlikely to be happy with him. Fyodor Bondarchuk guarantees a dramatic plot and dynamic special effects, which in his earlier film Attraction were in no way inferior to Hollywood action films. He also says that those who are not familiar with Attraction can for sure watch Invasion because it is more of a standalone film rather than a sequel.

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  1. Ice 2, directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Zhora Kryzhovnikov filmed the second part of the romantic melodrama about the love between the cute skater Nadya and the honest hockey player Sasha. For the director of the comedy Kiss Them All! and the series Call DiCaprio!, screenwriter Andrey Zolotarev prepared a story about how the star couple decided to have a child and what came of it. Aglaya Tarasova and Alexander Petrov played the main roles again, and Maria Aronova returned to the role of a figure skating coach. The shooting of the picture mainly took place on Lake Baikal. The sports tale Ice was a resounding success in the Russian box office charts, and in 2018 it earned 1.5 billion rubles with a budget of 150 million rubles. Thus, it is quite obvious that the creators of the sequel did everything to achieve even greater success.

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  1. Project “Anna Nikolaevna” TV series, directed by Maksim Pezhemsky

Project “Anna Nikolaevna” is one of the best Russian TV series of 2020. It was released on March 26, 2020, and attracted the attention of the viewer with its interesting plot, as well as the fact that beautiful Zoya Berber starred here.

The robot policeman Anna Nikolaevna is in the center of the story. She takes service in a provincial town. However, none of the colleagues has a clue about who the main character is. She will have to investigate complex cases and adapt to the human environment through communication and training. It is worth watching all the episodes, as each episode is filled with bright events.

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  1. Last Knight: Root of Evil, directed by Dmitriy Dyachenko

The Last Knight, also known as The Last Warrior showed a box office record, taking over 1.7 billion rubles. And now the Disney studio has prepared a sequel, where the famous fairy tale hero Kolobok, Finist Yasny Sokol, a sorcerer, and even Rogoleb, a root man rejected by all, join the friendly folklore company. In the new film, there is also a place for Baba Yaga (Elena Yakovleva), Kashchey the Deathless (Konstantin Lavronenko), and Starets (Timofey Tribuntsev), as well as other mysterious characters — after all, the Russian people have an extremely rich imagination. The fantasy world Belogorye (“The White Mountain”) has expanded noticeably. In the first film the crew went in search of a magical nature in the foothills of the Caucasus, and this time the shooting took place in Karelia and the Urals. Technologically, the film promises not to let down the fans of the first part and amuse the viewer with its epic heroic battles. There is also work underway on The Last Knight 3.

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  1. Chernobyl. Abyss, directed by Danila Kozlovsky

Speaking about Danila Kozlovsky’s new project, it is impossible not to mention the sensational HBO miniseries Chernobyl. The Russian film also focuses on the Chernobyl disaster. Those who watched the series remember how three liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion went down into the flooded rooms under the reactor to open the valves in order to empty the suppression pool. If they had not succeeded then, the first explosion would have been nothing for the inhabitants of the Earth compared to the new one. In the series, their heroic work remained somewhat behind the scenes, and Danila Kozlovsky has made them the main protagonists of his story.

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  1. Call Center TV series, directed by Natalya Merkulova

This Russian TV project has made a lot of noise, and some critics have already considered it the best TV series in the past five years. The premiere took place on March 23, 2020. The creators have also released two versions — for TV and the internet. In the second case, censorship is completely removed and erotic scenes are present.

We recommend you to watch the episodes since they are extremely original. Here, the protagonists are the employees of an online adult store. One day they find themselves locked in their own office. Terrorists threaten to detonate a bomb if they do not comply with their sadistic and sophisticated demands.

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  1. Coma, directed by Nikita Argunov

This large-scale sci-fi thriller has been in development for several years since the creation of the inner world of the film took longer than expected. The plot tells about a young architect who gets into a mysterious accident. He wakes up in a strange world, which was created by the minds of many people in a coma. In order to return to reality, the main character has to understand what coma really is, according to what laws this space exists, and how to find the meaning of his existence and survive in the destructive labyrinth of other people’s memories. Nikita Argunov is at the same time the producer and director of this project and was previously involved in the development of computer graphics for many domestic films.

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  1. The Last Minister TV series, directed by Roman Volobuev

We have included this Roman Volobuev’s project in the list of the best Russian television series for a reason. Its audience is attracted by the unusual story of the politician, whose role was played by the famous Russian artist Jan Tsapnik. The premiere took place on March 26, 2020.

You will probably be interested to see what happens if you appoint an ordinary person as a minister. He does not understand anything about politics but is filled with a desire to change the lives of his compatriots for the better. An ambitious minister is doing everything possible to achieve his goals, and his actions are extraordinary and unpredictable.

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  1. Sputnik, directed by Egor Abramenko

For Cosmonautics Day, Vodorod Pictures and Art Pictures Studio have prepared a sci-fi thriller in the spirit of Alien and Arrival. The film is dedicated to the story of a Soviet cosmonaut who returned from an alien expedition, accidentally taking with him an embryo of an extraterrestrial monster. The plot develops in the USSR, 1983. As mentioned, Konstantin Veshnyakov (Pyotr Fyodorov) brings an alien creature to earth in his own body. In the secret laboratory of a closed regime city, neurophysiologist Tatyana Klimova is trying to save an astronaut from a monster, discovering that she has much more than just a professional interest in her patient. Oksana Akinshina, Fyodor Bondarchuk, and Anton Vasiliev also played roles in the film. The production was done by Yegor Abramenko, whose short film Passenger, first shown at the Kinotavr film festival 3 years ago, formed the basis of Sputnik.

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  1.  Fire, directed by Aleksey Nuzhnyy

With this project, the TRITE studio continues the series of the disaster genre started by the film Flight Crew. This time, the protagonists of the story are not pilots, but the rescue firefighters who will have to fight a fire hazard of unprecedented scale. The main role was played by Konstantin Khabensky. Andrei Smolyakov, Irina Gorbacheva, Ivan Yankovsky, Roman Kurtsyn, and other celebrity actors played in this dramatic action movie. Nikolai Kulikov, the leading screenwriter of contemporary Russian cinema, had a hand in the script, and Aleksey Nuzhny, the author of the comedy hit I am losing weight, took the director’s chair. The film will be released in cinemas on December 24, 2020.

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In our opinion, these are the best Russian films and TV shows of 2020 which are worth watching in the company of loved ones. All of these projects are also recommended by experienced film buffs as well as film critics. They highly appreciated all the films and TV shows listed.