Russian TV Company wants to tell you about the best Russian soap operas you can watch right now on TV. Let’s have a look!

Gangster Petersburg 2. Advocate

He used to be detective. He used to bring criminals to the court. Now his parents are dead. The system couldn’t protect them and furthermore – it failed to find the real murderer. But he will avenge his parents anyway. He will infiltrate the criminal world and find those who responsible.
And he’ll not be alone. On his path, he will meet his love and find his lost friend. Even in the horrific circumstances some people are able to stay human.
Dark Petersburg of the early 90’s, catchy title song, excellent and realistic acting made this show a cult classic.


Here they are! They are four, all from Saratov and they’ve come to take their chances in Moscow!
Masha (Bobalych). Waitress. She is very naïve and desperately wants to be a wife and have a lot of kids. She is twenty-five already, her “time is running out” and she is still unmarried! What a disaster…
Katya (Palna). Office secretary. She wants to lose a few pounds and make her boss fall madly in love with her. She likes to eat candies, especially at night.
Olya (L’olya). She’s blonde and she drives a pink car, bought by her sugar daddy. She knows how to live!
Vasilisa (Vasya). She wants to be a famous singer. But stardom is far away yet, so she will live on Masha’s money, for a while.

The Junior team

Small town. Junior ice hockey team “Bears”. Young guys play hockey. They ambitious, they want to be winners. Hot girls around, nightlife. But no one have cancelled the everyday training!
Intrigues, tension, injuries. They should act like men and learn to play like a team. And if they fail – their coach will help them as always. Those who have strong will, always win!

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