How to watch Russian online TV on PC or laptop

This article is going to be useful for those who don’t spend much time at home, work a lot at the computer, and never part with their laptop on a trip.

Recently, we’ve told you about Ivanovs family from Russia and their experience with online TV service. This time, Simon Ivanov has his own story to share.
“Hi! My name is Simon Ivanov and I’ve been living with my family in New York for the last 5 years. I work as an auditor in a big company that produces corrugated paper.

As you may have guessed, business trips around the country are a common thing for my position. Numbers, records, and piles of papers will wear everybody out so there’s always a need for some quality relax. In my time off work, I don’t shoot a sniper rifle like the character of Ben Affleck in ‘The accountant’ movie. Instead, I enjoy watching my national TV, for example, football games, analytical shows, and movies with Sergey Bezrukov. I’ve got an annual subscription for online TV by Russian TV Company and it’s one of the most user-friendliest services I ever tried: go to the website, choose your TV program or film, and enjoy it right away!

I often watch Russian channels on my PC and laptop when I’m away on business (sometimes up to 10 days a month). That’s very handy because wherever I’m traveling today, news from my motherland always arrives fresh and on time. Even in hotels, the first thing I do is to get the Internet connection and turn on something Russian. Here’s how to watch online TV in your browser:

  • Go to Russian TV Company website;
  • Enter your account;
  • Click ‘Watch online’;
  • Choose among 200+ channels!

The browser needs a special player to display video content - VLC player. Install it once and never get back to it again. My 7-years old son did it on his own, so it’s as simple as ABC. I’ll show now:

  • close your browser window;
  • go here, and click ‘Download’ button for Windows or Mac OS;
  • install the downloaded file;
  • open your browser again and click ‘Watch online’ (NOTE: it’ll work even if you are not an active subscriber yet - just click ‘Watch Free Trial’);
  • enter your email and password to log in;
  • Here you are! Over 200 Russian TV channels, movie library, and 15 radio stations are now available in your browser. That’s very nice.

My wife Maria also watches online-TV on her laptop, but before she was afraid she wouldn’t manage to install VLC player. Mary then called customer support service and the agent controlled the whole installation process and explained everything in Russian. She uses Mac and the service runs like clockwork!’

VLC player can be installed on Windows, Mac OS 10.5, 10.6 and is compatible with Opera, Firefox, and Safari browsers.
Google Chrome browser does not support online TV service due to the latest changes in plugin-based content policy.

Watch your national TV channels on PC and laptops with Russian TV Company!