For over 5 years we have been providing Russian Internet TV services. During this time we have matured, created our Russian TV application for Android myRTVC and brought the online TV to many continents. However, the demand of our dear clients in America for Russian TV is always persisting. Why?

Check out the perks of our Russian TV Service from the subscribers in America

People watching Russian TV online from the USA and other countries on TV, computer and mobile


#1: Watch Russian TV online from anywhere

Anna, 40 years old, New-York:I frequently travel with my family on business. My children go to school and stay at home after classes together with their grandmother. We regularly watch favourite films with the family. However, my mother and kids need TV every day. I have installed a TV app on smartphones and tablets. I’ve found it great entertainment for my family while I am busy at work.

#2: Free application for Russian TV

Igor, 46 years old, Brooklyn:We’ve moved to America a long time ago. Yet, I and my family keep watching our native TV. I prefer watching it from myRTVC App on the go, on mobile or tablet. Besides, it’s a great way to keep the kids busy on trips.

#3: Unlimited access to all TV channels and movies

Anna, 38 years, Chicago:I got married in the USA 5 years after graduation. I am an interpreter, but now I am at home looking after my baby. This year my mother came to stay with me (she can hardly manage on her own in Russia). We have subscribed for Russian TV right after her arrival. I found it easy and user-friendly. I am happy that we have unlimited access to TV channels and films. My mother watches her favourite Russian series and misses our home not that much. I join her from time to time to watch our films like in childhood.

#4: Live and delayed broadcast

Elena, 25 years, Filadelfia:America has accepted once and forever. I came to study at the university, got married and had a child. My husband is American, but I want our baby to speak Russian too. He is one year old and I have already started to launch Russian TV programs for him. I’ve subscribed for Russian TV because I am very careful about what can be shown to a child. I like developing children's programs. And even if we have a big time difference, I can always schedule the show time. It's convenient.

#5: Multiroom and multiplatform functions

Vladimir, 35 years, New-York:I came to the USA on business for a while. It’s very important for me to be able to watch Russian news programmes. However, there is always a dilemma, because my little daughter wants to watch TV programmes for kids and cartoons. We have downloaded Russian Television with a TV App on the tablet, computer and TV. The problem is resolved and I am satisfied.

Thus, it was an overview of references from our clients in the USA. Try our TV service for free and tell us about your experience.

Have a nice time! Watch your favourite TV exclusively in America, Canada, the UK, wherever you are!