TV show Silver Spoon or Mazhor (in Russian) became one of the most popular series of the last years not only in the homeland – Russia - but also far away from its borders. Rights for the show broadcast or adaptation were bought by Germany, Poland, the USA, and also Netflix. The first Silver Spoon episode was shown on the 15th December 2014 on the Russian First TV channel. The start season was so successful, that creators of the story decided to prolong it for the second, third parts and fourth parts. What is the phenomenon of the Silver Spoon? Why exactly this show became so popular abroad? Let’s find the answer together.

Mazhor - russian TV series

Igor Sokolovskiy – rich boy who became a policemen

The whole Silver Spoon story may seem a fairy tail in the very beginning. The main hero Igor is the son of the businessman with a lot of money. He studies the Law but it doesn’t look like that Sokolovkiy will ever work anywhere.

One night changed everything – Igor tried to help his friend to avoid the arrest for using drugs but found problems for himself. Now he has to male a choice – the prison or working as a policeman. Obviously, Sokolovkiy chooses the second variant keeping in mind that this is not forever and one day his father will change his opinion and let the son come back to normal life.

Nobody could predict back then, that Igor will stay in Police, find love there, and will try to reach the main goal -find who killed his mother.

In the second season, Igor’s father was killed. From that moment onward, Sokolovskiy will do everything that to pay back for this. He rules father's business, continue being a cop and has to make a serious choice – to follow the law or break the rules and don’t let his family’s killers escape.

By now 3 seasons of the Silver spoon were already filmed – 40 episodes in total. The new, fourth season will be created in summer 2020 and will be shown in 2021. Moreover, the TV-show became the base for the full movie – shooting began in 2019.

The Silver Spoon: сast

Before Mazhor Pavel Prilichniy was already a well-known Russian actor but this series brought him a real popularity and opportunities to collaborate even with foreign directors. The second main role in the Silver Spoon – captain Vicktoria Rodioniva – was played by Karina Pozumovskaya. Although in different seasons appear Lubov Aksenova, Dmitriy Shevchenko, Ostap Stupka, Aleksandr Dyachenko, Michail Elissev and others.

The official Silver Spoon trailer is available here.