Special Offers

If you ever have the luck to wander through the endless mazes of the Eastern bazaar, get ready to be invited for a cup of tea in a carpet shop. There will be no flattery or suasion to buy something - just a friendly ‘sit down on a handmade rug and have some rest!’. You entered just to show around and became a temporary owner of the carpet.

Indeed, why not to try and test a product before buying it?

Russian TV Company wants you to make only right choices and avoid buying useless goods and services. If you like online TV services, we’ll be glad to provide them for you. We are not stingy with favorable campaigns and free trial periods for our future customers. Right now, we have 3 special offers available for you:

  1. Free trial period for all new customers: spend 3 days with a new generation of TV to estimate the quality of our services;
  2. Free delivery around the US for package holders: the package includes the annual subscription for Russian online TV + media player (total saving - $160);
  3. Bonus money for participation in our referral program: if you recommended a Russian TV Company to your friend and s/he subscribes - $5 for every subscribed friend.

Read more on how to watch several TV-channels at once with ‘Multiroom function’.

Registration for the free trial is available for you here. It takes under 5 minutes to install the necessary video player into your browser and start watching digital online TV.