Internet speed test for IPTV Nowadays innovations and up-to-date technologies are widespead anywhere and it is no surprise that IPTV is one of the leaders in the industry, leaving behind traditional TV. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is the most up-to-date way that allows transmitting TV signal via Internet. Neither digital nor cable or satellite TV are able to boast such thing. The majority of people who want to try IPTV reasonably ask about Internet speed test. Even if a TV provider ensures excellent picture and superb sound, it does not guarantee that high-quality television will surely reach a customer. To make IPTV bring you only positive experience, you should check your Internet connection for IPTV.

Russian TV Company offers more than 200 channels and thousands of programs to meet any customers’ demands. There are channels in HD and SD high definition, high definition and standard definition among channels we offer for broadcasting.

  • HD channels with high definition (1080p) require a minimum of 15.00 Mpbs.
  • As for high-resolution channels (720p), these ones need at least 8.00 Mbps.
  • For channels with standard-definition (480p) 5.00 Mbps is enough for normal broadcast.

No doubts you can pick only standard-definition channels if your Internet provider does not supply you with sufficient Internet speed, but in such case we strongly recommend that you change Internet package or provider. Believe us, HD picture quality and enjoyment from quality TV totally worth it.

To check your Internet connection speed

  • You can call your Internet provider and check it – it will take about 10 minutes.
  • You can also search in the Web for websites where you can check your Internet connection, it will take about 5 minutes.

With Russian TV Company you are able to check Internet connection speed in a few seconds. To check it, you do not have to be our subscriber – just go to and then click on "Start speed test." Once the test is completed, you will see two options: recommended speed and your speed. Recommended one - this is a speed we recommend to have to watch any channels with Russian TV Company. As for your speed – it is your current Internet speed.