Have you ever watched The Star Wars? If not, it's high time to do it right now. On the 4th of May all Star Wars fans celebrate the day of their favorite story, Knowing this, we collected 5 interesting facts about the movies. 

1. Yoda monkey

A lot of people, not only Star Wars fans know this intelligent and green character. But only few people know that Yoda was played by the real monkey in the first episodes. 

2. Small budgets

Only the last episodes of the Star Wars had quite a big budget but the first parts of the story were created with the minimum finance. So the productive group made a lot of props themselves.

3. One more final

Luke could become Verde in one of the episodes. At list George Lukas was thinking of it.

4. Yoda's fingers

Have you ever counted how many fingers does Yoda have? If not, just do it. In some episodes, he has 3 fingers, in others - 4.

5. Harrison Ford almost has lost the role of Han Solo

Burt Reynolds or Jack Nicolson? Star Wars authors were thinking of making them the main Han Solo. But then they chose Harrison Ford. And that was the best decision ever.

Photos: https://www.starwars.com