Russian television TV box

If you are an advanced user of TV services and have your own TV player, consider trying online TV by Russian TV Company: 200+ HD quality channels from CIS countries, movie library, Multipatform support and other pleasant features are waiting for you.

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We will connect online TV to your player absolutely FREE and the whole installation process will take just a few minutes with an easy-to-follow manual.

Currently, the service is supported on Alfa Box, MAG 250, Dune HD, and Android TV players, but starting next year the list will be completed by iPhone, ROKU, and SMART TV.

Already have active subscription of Russian TV? It will be automatically added to your device.

What is the main advantage of using the couple ‘Online-TV+TV player’? The device is pretty compact and you can easily take it on vacation, business trip, to your country house - wherever you want. All that’s needed is high-speed Internet to ensure flawless broadcast. Unlike satellite dish, ‘Online-TV+TV player’ don’t tie you to one place and can actually travel with your favorite TV programs.

Using TV player is even more convenient with ‘Multiroom’ function. Read more about this smart feature in our post.