TV, as, in principle everything in our life, changes with time. A bit less than 100 years ago people couldn't even imagine that today we will use streaming services, colorful tv-shows and choose what we want to watch today. Let's take a look in the future and find out how TV watching will choose in the next 20-30 years.

TV in the future

Hypothesis 1

Customers will always choose what to watch 

It seems that in the future we won't use the TV program but will choose ourselves what we want to watch now. People want to be the boss and to decide more on their own.

Hypothesis 2 

A lot of original content

Original content already plays one of the main roles in modern TV. In the future companies will make more films and shows on their own, trying to attract the attention of customers and brands.

Hypothesis 3 

Customer experience is a king

UX/UI design is in high demand nowadays and it seems this tendency will only grow and increase. Customers won't use apps and software they are not satisfied with or which make them to wait.

Hypothesis 4

Advertising will be changed forever

Customers want to watch not only films they like but also influence the ads. Imagine that one day you will be able to choose the plot of the ad and even play a role in it. Impressive, isn't? 

Hypothesis 5

Just two letters – VR

Virtual reality. Maybe it’s really a technology able to change almost every sphere of our life. Especially now, when personal contacts are restricted almost all around the world. VR can help people to take part in meetings, play games and even participate in a favorite show and at the same time stay at home. Some scientists think that people in the future will want to influence on the plot of the movies they watch. And VR is a key to that.

And what is your opinion?