Let’s imagine the following case: you are scrolling down RTVC landing page, clicking around the menus, features and checking out current promos. You are looking for quality online TV, a bunch of favorite national channels and handy useful functions - that is, Russian TV subscriptions.

While Basic TV service is more or less clear (going by the title), Premium and Family may need further description.
In this article, we are going to sort out all Russian TV subscriptions to help you pick the most suitable one.

There are 3 Russian TV subscriptions


Basic TV offers 65+ channels and works on up to 3 devices at the same time (also known as Multiroom function). This subscription has no TV archive or delayed streaming. It doesn’t have a movie library either. Basic subscription is available for 30 days only, which means users will have to renew it monthly.

GUIDE: Basic TV is a great starting point for those who are new to Online TV. 65+ national TV channels for $9.99/month is quite good for that price. Although we offer a free 7-day trial, not all users start with a more extended subscription like Family or Premium. Basic TV helps understand whether you need more video content and additional features.


Family subscription works on 2 devices, offers 235+ TV channels, 7-day archive and delayed streaming. It also has a movie library with 5810+ films and series. Users can buy a 30, 90 and 365-day subscription.

GUIDE: As the title says, this subscription was created for family viewing where everybody can find something to enjoy. Numerous informative, entertainment, educational channels as well as movie clubs and TV series will fill your leisure time to the full. The typical scenario is the following: parents watch news or TV shows, while their children have fun with favorite animated films. TV archive allows you to catch up with the past programs and delayed streaming “erases” the time difference between USA and Russia. Monthly subscription costs $24.99, annual - $199.99 (you save $99.98).


Premium TV works on up to 3 devices, offers 210+ channels, 2-week archive, delayed streaming and movie library with 2700+ items. Users can buy this subscription for 30, 90 and 365-days.

GUIDE: Premium TV is more practical and serves well to those who use all advantages of Online-TV: 1) 3-device Multiroom is a great solution for even greater families where everybody watches their favorite channels on different smart devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone), 2) 2-week archive makes no worries if you missed a necessary program or football match - re-wind, rewatch, relax!. 3) Premium movie library gets updated by 50-100 new films and series weekly. Monthly subscription costs $29.99, annual - $299.99 (you save $60.88)

In a nutshell

Service name

Number of channels

Monthly subscription

Annual subscription


Delayed streaming









3 devices








2 devices








3 devices



Due to the numerous requests to add particular Russian channels, the total number always goes with ‘+’ sign, for example, Family TV offers 235+ channels.