Let's talk about 6 films nominated for the Golden Lion, which are worth seeing for sure, and what the festival was forced to face in the era of a pandemic.

Moment from the movie "Parts of a Woman", photo: labiennale.org

The Venice Festival will take place in 2020 for the 77th time and it will happen from 2 to 12 September. The event will be the first international film event since the pandemic crisis. The jury will be chaired by Cate Blanchett.

The management of the Biennale, in which the festival is held, and the Italian authorities announced back in July that no matter what measures they had to take to ensure security, the event would not be canceled. The organizers promise to make the festival comfortable and safe for spectators and participants. Of course, the symbols of the times - masks, gloves, social distance - will become an integral part of the film festival this year. “We all know that most likely no festival will be able to take place exactly as it did in the past. We will have to face a number of restrictions and security measures: a decrease in the number of films shown and a similar decrease in attendance from the press, industry and viewers, ”said festival director Alberto Barbera. Perhaps someone will make a film about this soon. In the meantime, let's tell you what awaits us this year in Venice.

Undoubtedly, the cinematic events announced to us by the coronavirus this year have changed a lot in the film industry - filmmaking, film distribution and, naturally, the festival movement. Even this year's press conference was held online. So, the Cannes Film Festival - 2020 was canceled altogether, and this could not but affect the Venice festival. Many eminent directors simply did not rush to send their films to Venice for the show, but preferred to wait for Cannes - 2021. Therefore, there are not so many truly iconic names among directors in this year's program, as the program has lost American films. Let us remind you that in 2019 “Joker” became the triumphant of the festival. However, festivals are not only held by celebrities and art should win in the end.

The main competition included 18 projects. Russian cinematography at the festival will present a picture by Andrei Konchalovsky "Dear Comrades", dedicated to the shooting of a demonstration in Novocherkassk in 1962.

An interesting detail of this year's festival is that 8 out of 18 films (44%) nominated for the main prize, the Golden Lion, were shot by women. This is a major breakthrough considering that in 2019 there were only 9.5 percent of female filmmakers among the participants. This will also be appreciated by the president of the international jury of the festival, Cate Blanchett, who in 2018 led the protest against gender inequality in the film industry.

"Fragments of a Woman"

Corneille Mundrutso's heartbreaking drama is about a mother whose life is derailed after a failed home birth. "Fragments of a Woman" is one of the most anticipated films of this year's Venice Film Festival.

 "Land of nomads"

The leading role in the exciting road movie directed by Chloe Zhao went to the winner of two Oscars, Frances McDormand. Her character goes on a journey across the American West in her van after the economic crisis in her hometown. The film is full of hallucinatory visuals and reflections on the instability of modern life.

"Family node"

Daniele Luchetti's intriguing family drama. The Family Knot is the first Italian film in the last 10 years to have been honored to open the festival program. At the center of events is a married couple in crisis, their marriage mired in lies and blackmail. At first glance, a rather banal plot, but get ready - you will find an unexpected plot twist.

"The World to Come"

The drama unfolding in 19th century America is centered on the love story of two wives of local farmers. Desert landscapes emphasize the feeling of isolation and longing that the protagonists have to live with. The cast is impressive: Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Casey Affleck and Christopher Abbott.


The tragicomedy is based on true events - and tells the incredible story of British pensioner Kempton Bunton, who stole Goya's painting "The Portrait of the Duke of Wellington" from London National Gallery in 1961. The all-star acting duo is Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren.

"An ordinary place"

Single father, devoted his whole life to raising a child. Suddenly, the hero finds out that he has several months left to live, and he must solve all the necessary questions. A heartbreaking saga - it is impossible to calmly watch a man who has to make such previously unthinkable decisions. The main role in the film was played by James Norton.