The Wasp Nest is a new Russian melodrama centered on three women who are forced to live in the same territory. Each of the women has her own character and harsh fate, they are absolutely different from each other. The heroines do not have personal lives, and it may seem that this circumstance can help them to connect. However, the lack of personal happiness, on the contrary, only exacerbates the relationship among the relatives. The place in which these women live is literally reminiscent of a nest with wasps, where family members spin intrigues, and strife and scandals often occur.

Like any old mansion, the house of the Maltsev family keeps many secrets. Within its walls, the classic conflict of generations is exacerbated to the limit, and many apples of discord are hidden in its closed rooms. It is the story of three generations full of secrets and intrigues. Starting from the next week, RTR will broadcast the multi-part action-packed drama the Wasp Nest!


The plot focuses on the Maltsev family consisting of only women: grandmother Elizaveta Andreevna, her daughter Kira with three daughters of her own — twins Ksenia and Veronica and the younger Lera. They live in a large house, which was inherited by Elizaveta Andreevna’s father. Kira gave birth to girls out of wedlock, and since graduating from medical school, she has worked day and night to feed everyone in the family.

The domineering mother Kira is accustomed to controlling everything in the house, and she does not notice how her strict parenting methods help the daughters find the strength to rebel. At one point, the imaginary world turns into open enmity. Law student Lera started an affair with Kira’s former lover, actress Veronica slashed her veins, and artist Ksenia did not manage to get a lucrative order. Elizaveta Andreevna left home and signed a will, according to which all her property should go to an unknown woman. And she also wrote off a Van Gogh painting to the museum that no one knew about. The grandmother returned but did not reveal her secrets.

Meanwhile, Lera’s fiancé Maxim, who leads a double life, began to hunt for the painting. The man introduced himself as the director of an art center, but in fact, he supplies girls to foreign brothels. For the sake of his goal, Maxim Belyaev is ready for anything...

In fact, the modern family saga shows the audience the problems which are present in many families. It is about parents who do not know how to let their children get out of control in time and children who commit fatal mistakes from anger and misunderstanding. One sincere apology can break this vicious circle, but in the Maltsev family, it seems that no one is ready to take the first step.

Moreover, each event in the series not only tests the strength of the inhabitants of this house, but also raises important questions: how to keep peace in the family when unexpected wealth falls on shoulders, and whether it is possible to step over personal grievances and ambitions in order to protect relatives from external threats.


Sergey Lyalin directed the series. The leading roles are performed by People’s Artist of Russia Evgenia Simonova, the star of Daddy’s Daughters Elizaveta Arzamasova, Maria Kulikova, Irina Antonenko, Ksenia Lukyanchikova, Andrey Chernyshov, Alexander Feklistov, Evgeny Sidikhin, Yuri Baturin, Andrey Barilo, Nelly Pshennaya, Ilya Alekseev, Igor Nesvetayev, Vladimir Lukyanchikov, Natalya Batrak, and Valentin Varetskiy.

There are 16 episodes in the series. The duration of each of them is about 48 minutes.

User Reviews

Since its first release in 2016, the series has already received numerous positive reviews from its viewers. Here are some of the most original ones:

“Bravo to the director of the series Sergey Lyalin! To gather a whole stellar “landing force” (and to me, a series fan, this potential is well-known) is already 50% of success. Spicing up the creation with intrigues, mysteries, good love lines, keeping the viewer in the dark, and carefully giving him metered doses of the series every evening by leaving him languishing until the next episodes — this, you know, is strong ...”

“I can undoubtedly recommend the Wasp Nest series; it contains many secrets and mysteries for us to see. Even though the series is declared as a melodrama, it contains elements of the detective genre as well. The series is filled with intrigue, life emotions, and on top of that, it is a gorgeous selection of actors. The musical accompaniment matches the emotional background of the series. I also liked the work of makeup artists and costume designers; all the actresses have a stunning wardrobe, taking into account the character and image of each of them. I liked the series and can recommend it for viewing!”

“Five women in one house - this is already a lot! The Wasp Nest with Elizaveta Arzamasova, Evgenia Simonova, and Maria Kulikova is a rare example of a successful and intriguing Russian TV series… The series fascinates from the first minute with its non-trivial plot. It is a melodrama mixed with a detective story, the analogs of which I simply cannot remember. The Wasp Nest gave me back my faith in Russian cinema. And also, thanks to its cast, I think this is a series for all generations.”

And in the opinion of the series actress Elizaveta Arzamasova, this story is “about the fact that you need to be as open and friendly towards your family members as possible. One should not also hold grudges and must fight to the last for the sake of relatives, even if they are wrong about something.”


To sum up, the series is light, fascinating, and mysterious. The well-known actors play well. After watching the first episode, you will definitely be looking forward to the release of new ones. The plot will keep you in tension throughout the whole episode, which usually ends unexpectedly and in the most exciting part, so you’ll want to know what comes next!

As befits a good drama, The Wasp Nest will help you take a fresh look at yourself and your life, reminding you that family is a real value. Besides, the series itself is a great occasion to get together in front of the screen. Watch the TV series The Wasp Nest next week on the RTR TV channel!