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Our goal is to make an App easy and convenient to use.

We add new functionality which you definitely will like. Now, along with all other features, you can also enjoy:

  • Possibility to add channels in the favorite section
  • Possibility to watch the movie from the place where the user stopped last time
  • Possibility to like/unlike movies

If you have any questions about the App, please contact us.

Our specialist will answer every request. Please find the answers to our client`s most popular questions below:

What is RTVC?

We provide TV services in the Russian language. Our clients watch favorite TV-channels and films in native languages independently from the place where they live.

Our quality service allows people to watch TV comfortably. We offer various types of subscriptions and plans. Our clients may choose the service which suits their needs.

Clients can test our services for free during the first 3 days of usage. After that it’s possible to choose one of these options

Yes, during the first 3 days. Although we provide our clients with totally free services, which include a few random channels.

During the trial period, customers may enjoy the whole variety of the Premium subscription services.


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